About me.

I'm a very unique person and I love making new friends. Here's a little about me:
I'm 15 and I turn 16 January 7th! I'm a sophomore and I love it.
My favorite animal is cats. Meow (: haha
I'm really skinny but I love to eat.
I used to be all emo/gothic and a lazy boring slacker but I have recently decided to change my life for the better (: I'm much happier now.
Im dating the love of my life! His name is Brad and he is what keeps me alive.
Music is my addiction. My favorite artists are:
Black Veil Brides
Asking Alexandria
Secondhand Serenade
Lil Wayne
A Day to Remember
We Came as Romans
I don't watch TV but I'm obsessed with the show Friends.
My name is Sarah message me if you want to know more (:

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