About me.

Hello. i'm julia.
Lets keep this short and simple!
much to my dismay, i posted something anon and got potd. So remind me to never be that stupid again.
I like: All time Low, blink-182, Panic! at the disco, and D.R.U.G.S, Fall out boy, cats, mario party, lingo, pretty clothes, making bracelets, true blood, dexter, parks and recreation, real world, david, tumblr, and lots of other things
OH AND MILA KUNIS I LOVE HER!!!! when people say she's not pretty i'm just like LOL BITCH ARE YOU BLIND OMG.

I don't like: the book "a seperate peace", most of the people from my school, getting up early, people who are against abortion, people who are homophobic or against gay marriage, overly religious people, idiots, indian food, people who rely on the bible for every explanation of everything. ya know