Is any of this real?

birds aren't real

Would you enjoy it if users were limited to a certain amount of posts per day?

I see where you're coming from in not wanting spam, but I feel like if I were new to the site and I saw there was a post maximum, that would frighten me and make me not want to post at all. The point of amirite is that anyone can share their opinions, and I feel like a post maximum would just get in the way.

It's annoying when you're stalking someone's amirite messages and you go to the other person's page to read the other half but the other person has their messages on private, amirite?

I have no life

You hate it when all in the same week you have a math test, a history test, the apocalypse, a science test, and a term paper in english due, amirite?

Yeah, I know. I hate history tests.

Sometimes it's the little things that make you realize everything is truly worth it, amirite?

And sometimes you just want to kill everything.

The "door close" button found on elevators is probably a placebo, because those doors don't close any faster unless you trick yourself into believing they do, amirite?

It's absolutely a placebo. No doubt about it.

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams
@lucyjoan Not many votes on POTD

I just replied to my own comment twice. What even

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams
Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams

What an amazingly insightful and voted-upon post

The way you say things can drastically change the implied meaning. For example, if you were talking about knowing a celebrity, "I know her" is a lot different than "she knows me," amirite?
@LinksLegionaire The way you say something doesn't (or shouldn't) change the implied meaning. "This chair is comfy." and "This...

They're not completely different because they both discuss the relationship you have with the celebrity. They're getting the same meaning across: that you have had some sort of previous interaction, but the way that it's phrased places emphasis on a different part of the sentence.

You know something terrible is happening when your doctor hands you your prescription and says "YOLO", amirite?
You're glad they only give hurricanes girl names because if a boy hurricane was blowing everyone it'd be super g-a-y, amirite?

I always thought that they alternate between typically male names and typically female names

It's pretty cool how people that seem really different can become friends from having just one or two common interests, like watching Community or killing people in an online forum game, amirite?
Life is like a function. It has its ups and downs, minimums and maximums, and zeroes (turning points in life), amirite?
@vitaminb What would the derivative and integral of this function mean?

The derivative would represent the rate at which your life gets better or worse.

You know you're a legend when people dress up as you on Halloween, amirite?