About me.

Hi, I'm Madie.

-I'm 16 years of age
-I'm a junior in high school
-I have no friends (but I'm working on it)
-0mgz im lyke sooooo0000oo0o0oo r@ndOm XD
-I do not believe in a god or gods. I was raised Christian, though, so I know a lot about Christianity.
-I am a straight female with tendencies to have girl crushes on celebrities.
-I'm pro choice.
-I'm pro gay rights.
-I'm pro "pizza is a vegetable"
-I'm taking AP English Language and Composition but I'm taking the "special kid" math and science class. I'm not good at math. At all.
-I'm single and ready to mingle boys ;)
-I either want to major in fine arts, graphic design, journalism, or pyschology in college or go to beauty school to be a hairstylist/hair color expert.