We were either born intentionally or unintentionally. amirite?

One parent could be conceiving intentionally while the other is not.

Dr Evil must have an enormous penis based on the fact his clone Mini-Me is packing, yet he is only one-eighth his size. amirite?
The next species to dominate Earth will probably have at least one mythological tradition that interprets humanity as a pantheon of ancient deities, amirite?
@contextrip Impossible to say. For all we know, Odin was based on a dinosaur.

I haven't studied much on origins of gods.. so I'm not sure how much we really do know about what they are based on

Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?
A corndog is a popsicle if you don't cook it. amirite?

At first I wanted to say Cornsicle but I've decided that Popdog sounds way cooler.

You might have already taken the picture that is going to be used at your funeral, amirite?

I haven't taken it, someone else did. Chose it years ago.

Cats have canine teeth. amirite?

It's true, the teeth that look like "fangs" are canines. They have 4 of them. Sources, I work at a vet hospital and do a lot of dentals.

Maybe your dog keeps bringing the ball back because he thinks you just like throwing it. amirite?
@BennyPendentes Except my dog doesn't bring the ball back

Mine does not won't let them go. They get upset I'm not throwing them but I can't throw them from your mouth?

The person who laid the first ever turd would have been disgusted & relieved at the same, amirite?

Oh got it, that person didn't lay a turd as a baby, they laid their first turd when they were old enough to remember it and register their feelings. Makes sense.

Hope is always dangerous, amirite?
Chickens don't give birth to other chickens, they give birth to eggs, and then the eggs give birth to other chickens, amirite?
Giving birth to the baby with the biggest head is a crowning achievement, amirite?
Some of our dreams could be Oscar-winning screenplays if shot as a movie. amirite?

I has a dream a couple weeks ago where I kept thinking this would make an epic book.

But sadly, like most dreams, you eventually forget them come the dawn.

There goes my Pulitzer. Grumble...

AJ, BJ, CJ, DJ and EJ are great nicknames, but FJ, GJ, HJ and IJ sound terrible. amirite?
There's no blue food. amirite?

Blue Waffles 🧇 😶