About me.

Well, I'm a person, from a place, who has a body and a face.

But, seriously, I am in fact a person. A person who has a thing for typing with correct grammar and spelling (but I do slip sometimes, and am usually very ashamed when that happens). I like most things and there are few things that I hate (which includes, but is not limited to, bad movies, screaming, people using my computer, shallow people, and reptiles). I'm not going to tell you my age or where I live, because I don't trust the internet. So. Yeah.

Anyway, I have a very old dog (he's 91 in dog years) and three cats. They're nice. One's handicapped. But she thinks she's the normal one and everyone else is strange. I like to draw, but I'm not fantastic at it. I like to write, but I usually stop writing a story halfway through because I lose interest. I like to read, but not books about typical high school drama and whatnot.

I am a Harry Potter fan, but not a die-hard. I think the movies are quite good (the effects are fantastic :D), but the books are genius. I have read the Twilight series, and I deluded myself into thinking it was good, but the last time I opened the book, I couldn't finish the first page because of the awful blandness of it. The movies are okay, and Bella has the personality of a Saltene cracker.

I like Legend of Zelda (hence my avatar), Avatar: The Last Airbender (the CARTOON, not the movie), and Dragon Ball/Z. (I've only seen a little bit of the Dragon Ball anime, and most of the Dragon Ball Z anime. I only watch the canon material [a.k.a. stuff that was in the manga] This is because I read the entire manga. It was good.)

Well, I'm tired now (it's pretty late) so I'm going to go to sleep. Perhaps I will edit this later. Perhaps not. May your life be filled with happiness and chocolate.