There's probably a super small but super profitable market for army movie props like tanks and machine guns, amirite?

Pretty sure there is a special department in the DoD that hooks you up with props like that, as long as your movie paints America in a positive light.

In 100 million years, the discovery of cemeteries will be the biggest scientific breakthrough of that year. amirite?
@P3AK1N And you figure This how?

Kind of like the discovery of dinosaurs.

In 100 million years, the discovery of cemeteries will be the biggest scientific breakthrough of that year. amirite?
Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?

fax - makes me think of desk job

shadowfax - lord of all horses

Teenagers are sick and tired of being stereotyped as dumb and stupid, and adults are dumb and stupid for believe in such stereotypes, amirite?

"dumb and stupid"

Scientifically speaking, we are insanely lucky to exist... and have internet. amirite?

better off without it

Every being has stared at the moon at some point in their life. From the Dinosaurs to Genghis Khan to Albert Einstein. One fixed point in space which has been part of every organism that's ever lived on this planet. amirite?

Ummm... you know there are underwater organisms, yes?

The wind is gay because all it does is blow you. amirite?

Well I guess that means I'm gay because I like it

Years ago two people had "fun" and now you have to work a 9 to 5. amirite?

I don't understand this it all. Are we talking about having sex or are we talking about working?

Before we know it, we'll be able to game on our phones. amirite?

I really hope the future of gaming doesn't involve covering half of a tiny screen with my big fat thumbs.

It's adorable when puppies yawn but hilarious when humans yawn, amirite?

You made me yawn a bit.

It would actually benefit everyone on Earth if there was a global effort to decrease the population over a few generations, and yet something like that will probably never happen. amirite?

"Illegalize abortions!"

Yep. This is just getting worse and worse by the minute

Tea is coffee but in reverse. amirite?

What other stunning revelations do you have for me today?

Since all of us start brushing our teeth from the same side of the mouth every single day!! That side gets the fresh, right off the brush toothpaste and the other one has to do with used and kind of second hand paste. Such Discrimination. amirite?

I start brushing from the middle

Your dream characters must be very confused when you disappear in front of their eyes, amirite?