About me.


I'm Maddi, I'm a SENIOR! I go to boarding school. I spend at least 4 hours a day doing homework, let's just say I'm studious. I love reality television. I like to read. Christmas if my favorite holiday. I love anything pink and glittery. I'm obsessed with varsity sports, HOLLA AT THEM UNICORNS! STATE CHAMPS! My best friend is @stacieallyson. I am, from a tiny little town, but I absolutely love the city. I laugh at everything. I love history & english. I'm obsessed with pinterest, facebook, & twitter. I play softball. I'm a lover and a fighter. I get angry easily, but I'm working on it. I party, sleep, and think too much, but I get my shit done. I have a weakness for sweet talkers, but I'm learning and enforcing my boundaries. I don't let many people in, but once they are they're in forever. I'm strong and independent. I've been broken, but never been shattered.