Never eat poppyseed muffins before your drug test, amirite?

Don't watch too much tv, kids.

Sales and clearances are simply marketing tactics to get you to buy more and don't actually effect the profit of the company by much, amirite?

Same thing with brand name vs. generic.

It's the same thing.

You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?

Well yes, but actually no

Using commas is correct grammar but we never see it in the world of texting, amirite?

What about semicolons then?

There must have been a lot of pets whose owners did not come home on 9/11. amirite?

Just like Minecraft hardcore

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?

Yeah, they won't though.

Food tastes better in small quantities. amirite?

Patrol II = Patrol I.

Cold has a smell, amirite?
It is okay to occasionally be rac-ist, amirite?

What race are you?

Our testicles are nearly always in complete darkness, amirite?

Technically they always are, since our scrotum covers them.

Li Shang from Mulan is technically bisexual, amirite?
If you watch porn to masturbate then at some point you've probably watched someone have sex that is no longer even alive. amirite?

Like on Marylin Monroe

Your true "soulmate" is definitely somewhere out there, but you'll just never meet them. amirite?
The lobsters in the kitchen aboard the titanic didn't realize how lucky they really were when it sank. amirite?

Guys do you feel like the tank just got... like, WAY bigger?

Dolphins probably think they're only a few thousand humans in the world and that we only eat seafood. amirite?

They're = they are