If someone drinks water and then you drink their pee, you are technically using them as a giant straw. amirite?
The song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" is about Dad wearing a costume, but we perpetuate to children the idea that Mommy is a cheater instead. amirite?

Before the internet, a kid could get excited about just seeing Santa Claus, period. Regardless of what he was doing.

Hell if it means I get more presents he could bend mommy over, give her the North Pole, and call her a Ho Ho Ho on the way out....

Weird is spelt weird because the word is weird, amirite?
Because your brain is a muscle everything you remember is technically muscle memory. amirite?

that's just wrong

Your butt can expel all of the three states of matter, amirite?

But thankfully not plasma.

Never eat poppyseed muffins before your drug test, amirite?

Don't watch too much tv, kids.

Playing the board game "Pandemic" is very meta at this point in time. amirite?
Sales and clearances are simply marketing tactics to get you to buy more and don't actually effect the profit of the company by much, amirite?

Same thing with brand name vs. generic.

It's the same thing.

You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?

Well yes, but actually no

Using commas is correct grammar but we never see it in the world of texting, amirite?

What about semicolons then?

There must have been a lot of pets whose owners did not come home on 9/11. amirite?

Just like Minecraft hardcore

@KitKatery The plural of fish, is fish.

Technically...it can be either. Another one that drives me nuts is Canada goose.

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?

Yeah, they won't though.

Food tastes better in small quantities. amirite?

Patrol II = Patrol I.

Cold has a smell, amirite?