About me.

Hey, I'm Jon.
My pants really aren't that hot.

They're ok, really.

Why is everybody so interested in my pants?

I'm OCD, don't touch my left side or require me to do anything that isn't in sets of 3's (or any multiples of 3)

I've been diagnosed with depression.

I'm overly honest.

Which is obvious, considering I'm giving you the most personal information about myself. lol

I play French Horn, Saxaphone, Mellophone, and Trumpet.

My French Horn's name is Horny

My Saxaphone's name is Saxy.

My Mellophone's name is Mellody (Not near as cool, but still creative)
(Thought you ought to know those)^^^

GLEE is my favorite show... yeah, I know, gay.

shelbybuckffs: we have sex. hello smilie

Well, that's about it...

(oh yeah, and my Social Security Number is: 454321... haha jk. That's not safe to give out kids)