One day people are going to be shocked they actually allowed smoking in society, amirite?

The self destructive tendencies and desire for freedom of humans will prove you wrong.

All guys want are nudes yet they don't get any and all girls want is to not get nudes and yet that's all they get. amirite?

There seems to be a obvious solution to this, but neither side wants to budge

Lego kills old celebs so they don't have to change their rules, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Yes

...Lego kills it

Black holes are the most lovecraftian thing in existence, amirite?

Cthulhu has entered the chat

@contextrip Einsteinian iq

yeah, looks like we have a real Alan Watts here

Every basketball shot will go in if thrown from the right place, amirite?
Testing if you're immortal only works once, amirite?

The first time maybe

Considering the way sand gets everywhere, it's suprizing there isn't sand in more places. amirite?
Homelessness is a sign that society is failing. The higher the homeless rate, the weaker we become. amirite?
What's going down is the opposite of what's up. amirite?

Yea but have you ever seen down dog?

If you find yourself intimidated by others in general just remember you are looking at a member of a species that likes to lick each other's private parts. amirite?

…isn't that most animals in general?

AITA is a great place for therapist to find clients. amirite?

Only if they ARE the asshole.

You can only choke on ice for so long, amirite?

Long enough

Weird Al Yankovic's band can play any song. amirite?
During every cremation at a funeral, there is a point where the meat is perfectly cooked. amirite?

Cremation usually doesn't take place at a funeral.