This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
@Black_No_1 First of all, I'd get used to saying "duh" if I were you. Secondly, the reason worms surface during the rain is...

Firstly, I fucking knew why worms came to the surface, it was in like grade 4 biology. Second of all, nobody appreciates or gives a shit about you saying things like that. I suppose next you're going to go to the Kanye West stole the Mic, Taylor's not so Swift post, and comment about how her dexterity isn't really relevant. So please, next time you're near the top of a building, fucking jump.

If a drop of sperm has more life than a drop of blood, why doesn't Dracula suck dick instead? amirite?

Cause Edward already sucked them all dry...

When fat people are done having sex. They ask "When do I get seconds?" Amirite?

If he's fat, odds are he doesn't have sex a lot, meaning that that sex probably was 'seconds'

This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
@Black_No_1 *aleck As you understand neither spelling nor sarcasm, I find your attempt to judge fail in others pointless...

Exactly! Shut up, and considering you like to refer to yourself as "the bubbly type", that probably means your fat as shit, and considering you like that "Abby Scutio" woman i Googled for the sole puropse of shutting you up, you're probably disgustingly hideous as well, since you apparently have all of her piercings as well. As well as wanting to look like her, you said it makes your day when someone says you look like her. Now taking that into consideration, along with the fact that you argue on every fucking post on amirite, it seems that you're veeery insecure about yourself, and I dont blame you, but if you're ugly and lonely, please don't take it out on random amiriters, because while winning a petty argument on the internet may make you 'feel' better, you're wasting precious time that could be spent living, working out, getting make-up tips, and not trying to look like some custy goth bitch, which you even said you love to look like. Good DAY.

Sexism is the most accepted form of prejudice in today's society, amirite?

And the funniest. "Hey, how many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?" "How many?" "None. Feminists don't change anything."

God: What can be asserted without proof, can be dismissed without proof. amirite?

If God is willing to prevent evil, but not able, then he is not omnipotent. If he is able, but not willing, then he is malevolent. If he is willing and able, then how is there evil? And if he is neither able not willing, then why call him God?

Schools shouldn't teach evolution like it's fact. If they are teaching evolution then they should also teach creationism and intelligent design. That way it's fair. Amirite?
@scrantoncity No, but my money pays for lies to be taught to kids in schools:...

Yeah, your right, thinking the universe created itself is illogical. But believing that a women was impregnated by the thing that made everything, who is also the person shes giving birth to, who will do things physically impossible, die, again defy solid fact by returning, ALL because someone or some people told you? There's no proof, or fact there at all. I could take a ton of babies, raise them away from civilization, teach them that a deer shat out our universe, and because they have nothing else to believe, they'll believe that. You'd say that's stupid, and I'd say that's exactly what you are, one of those ignorant children.

Jenny probably had to change her number, amirite?

I was picturing the Jenny from Forrest Gump who was like stalked by him, si I came to the comments to see if anyone said "JENNNNAY!"

This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
@Black_No_1 You're very easily impressed; kids are funny.

If you're too old and intelligent for this site and it's users, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL TALKING TO US?

Anthony must have wanted to prove to someone he was right, amirite?

No, this is patrick

This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
Girls are the best clitar players, amirite?

Oh my god, th3round1 AND badkitteh on talking on the same post? All we need is scrantoncity and ill officially explode

I am partial to a rotund posterior and I am unable to profess falsities, thoust clansmen may not forsake; that given a wench walks in with a corset on her waist and a round thing in thine face, thou gets sprung, amirite?
If time is money, and money is the root of all evil, then shouldnt procrastination lead to world peace? amirite?
When you were little and you asked people what they would wish for if they had three wishes, you would always have to add "and you cant wish for a million more wishes!" to the end, amirite?

holy shit thank you, i actually didnt notice, you have earned the utmost respect from me