Apple's slogan should be, Buy it... it's shiny. amirite?

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Drake and Josh didn't really have to act,they just spazzed a lot, amirite?


you lol'd so hard when you saw this post: "The priest in Florida who is holding "International Burn a Korean Day" is bigoted and ignorant if he thinks that it will do anything but make relations worse between the Christian and Muslim communities, amirite?," amirite?

Those poor Koreans.

It would be funny if a devout catholic went to heaven, only to realize that God is really a Black Lesbian woman, amirite?
The ending to Mockingjay felt a little bit rushed. You'd think the author would write a bit more on the whole plot line of Katniss choosing either Peeta or Gale- even if it was just half a chapter. But it seemed to work out just too fast and the other character was just kind of brushed off without a real goodbye. amirite?

Book three was just boring overall compared the the first two. :/

You secretly are overwhelmed with joy when the bitchy girl's friends all turn their backs on her. amirite?
You're really sick of hearing Harry Potter, amirite?

That MLIA comment made my day.

I hate it when I'm eating something and somebody tells me how bad it is for me. What I eat definitely isn't your business, amirite?

Unless you happen to have diabetes.

You love it when a CD connects the tracks together by moving the beat from one song to the next. amirite?
your school has moodle, amirite?
If you're allowed to protest at soldiers funerals because they're gay, then we should be allowed to protest at yours because you're a douche,amirite?

At the time it was a good 180 positive to 0 negative. :/

The worst place to be ichy, is in the nose, amirite?

I read this as I was itching my nose.

Pokemon is so unrealistic. Who the hell names their kid "Ash"? amirite?
Not having had your first kiss by the age of 14 is normal, amirite?
@Meh I got mine right before my 13 birthday, it was'nt special but one heck of a memory; I should have waited a bit...

"Fucking guys, fucking their life, fucking their morals." - possibly the best thing I've read in awhile.

Robert Pattinson should just keep his shirt on. At ALL times. amirite?

Those fucking gray nipples.