... .-.-...-. ..-.... .-....- .... ...-..- <--- filth filthy morse code "sexting", amirite?

What does this say XP

Hello MLIAers. Look at your website, now back to Amirite. Sadly, your website isn't Amirite, but if you stopped using annoying cliches and didn't take three months to publish a story, then it could be as entertaining as Amirite. Look down, now back up, where are you? You're on the homepage of the website that your website could be like, amirite?

Breakfast Rocks!!!!!!

The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercial is more badass than Chuck Norris, amirite?

LoL yes he is. Apparently people think hes sexy now. Its all because of the first one where he appeared. That was pure epicness.

We all have a show that we love watching but would never confess to it, like Hannah Montana amirite?

I still watch Degrassi >_>

It's okay to take candy from strangers, amirite?

Can i ask for candy from you :-)

The uglier the Pokemon, the stronger it is, amirite?

Um what about venasaur. It looks like a Quadripedal Ogre.

You have a favorite word, amirite?

Teskizone, Panorama. Teskizone is this backwards volley you do in tennis on your tiptoes and its really hard :)

If your brother or sister made pr0n, you'd watch it, amirite?

I have a half brother and sister so i cant be part of this :-) Also troll gets homepaged because he/she is a troll which makes the posts way funnier.

California ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional today. One of the greatest landmarks in recent history to date. amirite?

I actually hate being negative so i find something good out of the debate/argument and actually try to make friends =P I know exactly how you feel about the supposed 'christians' hating gay people.

if you could choose a super power you wouldn't choose something obvious like flying or seeing through walls, you'd choose something so much cooler like being able to communicate with animals, or the ability to give random people mustaches, amirite?

I would want the power to shapeshift into random things like vegetables and bricks :-)

It's likely that millions of wizards secretly use Avada Kedavra to kill some annoying bug. amirite?

lawl you win XP. That actually makes perfect sense. I like it because of the over use of it in the chamber of secrets book :) and i love how it sounds. What spell would you use by the way.

When someone sits down and starts to watch you play your video game, you start to die more, amirite?

Same with me and cod.

True, Hufflepuffs are just the leftovers of the Hogwarts students. However, they are also a witch/wizard, so I'm pretty sure the muggles who are insulting them have an invitation to suck their magical balls, amirite?

Hufflepuff is my favorite house XP Gryfindor and Slytherin can suck it XP Ravenclaw is ok but Hufflepuff for the win!!!!

The more you learn about foreign languages, the more you realize that English is really weird, amirite?

Lol sadly english is backwards :P.

Oh my gosh. If I see one more post about Justin Bieber, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Pokemon, I sweaar.... amirite?

You're anonymous so no one cares :P