you didn't know about amirite hangman( amirite?

DAMMMN I aM a newBBBB!! I didn't know about amirite chat, and now theres hangman!!! WOAH.

Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken I'm 12 and I know what this is.

@828706 (ConnorK): Is there even a secret?

Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you cant eat ice cream. amirite?

Ice cream is gooood :)

Boys are stronger than girls? PUH-LEASE. Can they bleed for a week straight and survive? Can they squeeze a 14 inch baby out of a 9 centimetre hole? Can they go for a week eating only salad? Can they cope with heartbreak? Can they look after a child, cook, clean and talk on the phone all at once? Can they burn their forehead with a straightener and not complain? amirite?
@Montana im not a guy, but please, this arguement is old. and guys can cook and clean. and there was a man who had a baby...

Actually the "man" that had a baby was actually a former woman that decided to turn tranny. Then "he" decided to leave the vagina there. It was when he met a REAL woman that knew who he was. When they did meet, they decided on who would have the baby. I guess it was him that was the one that was responsible for carrying the child. SO that man that had a baby was really a woman.

REsponse to Rudolph the Red nose reindeer song: Umm I don't know who the other reindeer are. But yes I do know Rudolph. amirite?
@uuumm i dont have know? Herp derp

Thanks Alot =). I didn't see that

@Maybe I'm retarded, but please explain.

IB is a type of high school grading thing. Well...not really its hard to explain! Tests are MUCH harder, and so is the projects and well everything. But theres another grading rubric..and it prepares u for college. And ahh I have no clue on how to explain it. Lets just say my school is IB and IBS as well. :)

Nice Hummer. Sorry about your penis, amirite?

I guess guys with those tiny smart cars...have something to be proud of. XD

you would be distraught if your school blocked amirite, amirite?

They did I have to use a different server :(

sticks and stones will break my bones but words will last forever, amirite?
Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?
@GingerSNAPgoesthetrap Yes I am. I'm a very versatile person. And don't shortstack me by saying two minutes it's 1 minute 40 seconds...

Even a "very versatile" person can't come that close to beating the fastest runner in the WORLD. You are not that fast, and I bet you're telling me a whole bunch of shit load.
XOXO, see you at the olympics..not.

If you can't figure us out, you don't deserve to know, amirite?


Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?
@GingerSNAPgoesthetrap I play soccer, baseball, basketball, and do track. I run a mile in 5 minutes. So yes I'm very athletic. XOXO don't...

Girly, why don't you do the research before you post something completly idiotic like the 5 minute mile crap. Hmm the last time I researched, 3 minutes and 40 something seconds was the record of the FASTEST runner in all history. Are you telling me your 2 minutes away from being capable to that?
XOXO, someone just told a lie

Your parents have embarassing laughs, amirite?
@Abbles Please, my parents have an embarrassing everything. :P

My mom does this really freakishly loud HAR HAR HAR and HEHEHE when she laughs can ur parents outweird that? lol

We couldn't beat them with the big bad wolf, so now we're throwing birds at those damn pigs, amirite?

XD I love this

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?
@GingerSNAPgoesthetrap You are dumb. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are on your face which is on your head. Think before you post.

I see your point.
But heres the part where your the retard.
Humans need hair to survive, because it helps release sweat.
Without hairs on our bodies we would die.
If the people during the ice age did not have hair, then freezing to death would occur more often thus making this population less.
And I guess I could make a smart ass comment like :
You didn't state whether you were talking to animals or the human race. I can be picky too.

XOXO, Think about who you mess with