About me.

Yo, I'm Grace. I'm a sophomore at the public high school of a really small town in New York. I play tennis and rugby, and the alto saxophone. I'm a math nerd, but I also like to read and write. I'd love to some day be a biochemistry engineer... whoop livin' it up. I've got some really awesome friends, and I like them all a lot. I love wearing comfortable sweaters and drinking tea and spending snowy days inside reading a good book or doing a puzzle or watching a movie. Consequently, my favorite season is winter. I'm single, and always have been. Don't pity me, I like it this way. My dogs are better companions than a man ever will be!!!! That was sarcasm. I don't like dentist appointments and love my two dogs Pippin and Stella. I have a pet tarantula named Chewbacca. I quite like root beer and chocolate cake, but not at the same time. I never really watch organized sports on TV, besides the Olympics, but kind of keep up with the Sabres whenever I feel like it, because I live near Buffalo and we're a Buffalo sports kinda town. Bills, Sabres, Bandits, you name it. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. Our city smells like cheerios, and practically reinvented Chicken wings, and Beef on Weck. Suck on that. Did you know that the sentence "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is grammatically correct? Isn't that awesome? That's so awesome.

I'm big into reading and watching movies, and absolutely adore Lord of the Rings, and also Harry Potter, but I kinda like LotR better. :) I also like to write, but not for school, and not with any restrictions or guidelines or deadlines or any sort of lines, for that matter. I write fiction and non fiction, mysteries, romances, lots of scifi, really whatever the hell i feel like writing at the time. My english teachers often try to tell me what to write, being all "helpful" and saying stuff like "Yeah, you should be writing 1st person narratives, it's more intimate that way." Bitch, what if I don't want intimacy with the protagonist? You got a problem with my 3rd person omniscient? Too bad, that's how I'm writin' this one. Deal with it.

I say sarcastic comments that often sound mean and degrading but I say them lovingly and jokingly and am really quite a nice person, trust me! :)

I like making friends and I like having people like me, but won't go incredibly out of my way to make people like me. I don't much like those girls who are 12 and dye their hair black and are all "lolz i'm so sceneee roflmfao i wear 3d glasses wit no lenses in dem lollicopters im such a nerddd :P" No. You're not a "nerd" at all. It's just really, really frustrating.

I am somewhat of a grammar Nazi. As in, I will dislike you as a person solely for using the wrong "your" or "their" or "its" or anything else. The worst thing is using apostrophes for plurals. NO. That's not allowed. Sorry, it's just not.

I am a starkid, like, hardcore. I have a huge awkward crush on Brolden, he's just really awesome.

Disney movies are the best movies ever. The Lion King is still the only movie that will make me cry, every time I watch it, no matter how many times I watch it and no matter how happy I was when I began watching it. Mufasa is my homeboy. It's a lifelong dream of mine to be a hyena in a live production of the Lion King musical. I know every word to every song, including the African parts. What language is that, anyways? Bantu? Swahili? I have no idea.

Oh, and Hi, it's nice to meet you.