About me.

Chloe is me, and I am her. (Its spelled C-H-L-O-E, not C-H-O-L-E. Don't be an illiterate bastard.)
Music is a greater part of my life
I believe in love, but not at first sight.
Love at first sight is impossible. Its LUST at first sight.
I'm friends with all the fucked up kids.
I'm quite fucked up myself.
I don't mind blonde jokes, because they don't apply to me, because I am smart.
Its You're, your, there, their, and they're. They have different grammatical meanings. Use them correctly or I will hunt you down and kill you.
With a dictionary.
Blue... is the best color ever
My motto:
I don't take shit. I give it.
Am I a virgin?
Maybe... ;)
Love you :)

Things that piss me off-
*Saying "your mom":
there just isn't a point

*Rude people that just like to piss others off

*When people change their names on Facebook to something like "Ron Imadorkandyouknowit Smith"

*People that are unteachable. I have no patience.

*People that are boring texters. You text me, then all you do is say "Ya, yeah, lol, sure etc." Why. Just why.

*People that comment on your status like, "I don't get it."
It's MY status. You don't have to understand.

Things I like-

Hot boys. Any color hair, any color eyes. Although, if you're a bastard, fuck off.
If you're shorter than me, I may feel awkward trying to kiss you :P

*Colorful hair. I am going to put blue streaks in my hair.

*Writing. I am a poet, and yes, I do know it :)

*Music. Pardon, did I say I like it? I love it!

*Green Day. Just yes.

*The word "Fail". I use it a lot.

*Proper grammar.

*Certain music gives me goosebumps. (THIS DOES.YouTube video thumbnail )

Other random shit-

*Erm... I cuss a lot.

*I play violin, piano (Teaching myself.), learning guitar, and I would LOVE to learn electric bass.

*I have a little brother that annoys the shit out of me, but I still love him.

*Hey! I'm fourteen!

*I would love to be British. Brits are better than Americans. Americans piss me off. (not all.)

*People sometimes mistake me for a Brit, sadly, no. I am an Ohioan.

*Frankly, I hate football. I love soccer, hockey, and baseball.

*I'm a softball player

*I'm an Irish Dancer

*Harry Potter is my favorite series, I've read it 8 times.

*I love Ron Weasley. I don't know why. I just do.

*One thing more.. "Accio Brain."