Extremists burned down a KFC in Lebanon during a protest. If anything is likely to start another war in Africa, this is it, amirite?
I don't hate Justin Bieber for his high pitched voice; I mean, look at Michael Jackson, he sounded like a girl and he's a legend. There are other reasons to hate Justin Bieber. For example, the fact that he's 16 and all his songs have crappy lyrics about love, which he knows nothing about, amirite?

hes 16? o___o really? I honestly thought he was 13..

this sounds like an Alex day video

you cant think of a new letter for the alphabet, amirite?

خ ح ص غ ع ط ظ ض ئ

When you were a little kid you took commercials literally. For example, if you drank Capri Sun you thought you'd turn into a fast flying humanoid silver guy or if you ate gushers you thought your head would turn into a fruit, amirite?

This sounds lame but I thought that when you opened pillsbury dough that little guy would pop out.

If Beyoncé was able to get a man just like him, she'd have to go through a lot of breakups, amirite?

I don't get this

The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage, amirite?

Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention
I aim to be, your eyes

Badadada ah ah ah
Badadada dadadada

The United States should eliminate the penny ASAP because it's useless and literally costs more to make than it's worth, amirite?

This is from a vlog brothers video, I like the idea though.

87x/59(1 x)=(187x)(67-x)...fuck this, I'm going to be a pimp. amirite?
@JamiLovesYou Oh, newbie :P and don't you mean the picture... ?

mm.. I think his picture maybe isn't loading or something.. all I see is a rectangle with his name in it.. oh well (x

You have NO clue who Gerard Way is, amirite?

shame on you

The difference between Martyrdom and suicide is press coverage, amirite?
It bugs you when a girl plucks her eyebrows way too much in the middle or just when she doesn't pluck them at all, amirite?

I don't do mine & I don't like seeing over plucked eyebrows

87x/59(1 x)=(187x)(67-x)...fuck this, I'm going to be a pimp. amirite?
@JamiLovesYou well all names are blue, unless the people are your friend, or you're sara24

he has like a blue rectangle on his username.. but I don't have any friedns on this site.. idk, I'm new to this site :S

A zebra is 26 sizes larger than an A-bra, amirite?

only if you have an american accent

One of your worst fears is waking up from being unconscious and finding you've been buried alive, amirite?

Well NOW it is