About me.

I am Seth Lawson. I used to have a big ass bio. It is no more. So instead of rebuilding it, I will just make a FAQ and be done with it.

Q: Whats your favorite part in the epic poem known as "The Odyssey"?
A: Good question. I enjoy the part where the hawks come and rip to shreds all of the other suitors.

Q: Seth, what is the secret? How are you so incredibly smart, funny, creative, happy go lucky, and cheer everyone else up when they're having a bad day?
A: My infinite and perfectly natural charm is a huge key there. I was born, and soon after birth, I just WAS that way. I know, its pretty darn incredible.

Q: Why does it say at the top of this bio that you were only going to make a FAQ yet its only 3 questions long, including this one, not to mention the stuff at the bottom that isn't even FAQ related?
A: murders person who asked question number 3 Skip.

~Screw it, lets make a bigger ass bio.~

I'm 15! And uh, a male! I get sexually attracted to males and females. And I love a nice, delicious cup of earl grey. I act in my high schools theatre troop, and I own 2 parakeets, of which I hate both dearly. Its not an uncommon a sight to see me derping around on stumble upon or smoking cannabis in my parents garage, alone at night. I.Q. of 141, all pre-Ap classes with one Ap history. In fact, I should probably be doing homework for history right now. Oh well.

I tend to try and make conversation or debate, so if we're currently arguing or talking, keep me interested, throw me a fast ball, and catch a spelling error. Cause that's a good way to get me angry and embarrassed.

If I see that you misspelled something on the justin page, I'll probably message you in all caps so you can fix it in your 5 minutes. batman cape twirl exit

I like non-serious drugs, as in weed and shrooms.

Favorite band ever is a tie between Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Two Door Cinema Club. They're both pretty indie, but I don't have a single song from either that I DON'T like.

Pulp fiction, 500 days of summer, Gran Torino, Fight Club, Law Abiding Citizen, The Illusionist, The King's Speech, V for Vendetta, Spirited Away.

Hmf, for literature... Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, House of the Scorpion, House of leaves, The 50 Year Sword, The Once and Future King, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer, Patient Zero and The Dragon Factory. As for my stance on the well talked about "Twilight", its literally the largest joke I've ever seen mustered up in the dark and well feared basement know as "female teenager literature". Like I said earlier, I love a good talk, and should you like to argue with me on that, I'm welcome. But chances are that if you want to argue that Twilight is good, you are probably dumb c:

This is mah formspring; http://formspring.me/CaptainSeth. But fo realsies, I don't care about it, and will never check it. In fact, I just made one because I noticed lots of other people on here with one.

I'm an active member in a libertarian activist organisation, known as anonymous, however I am an Atheist Democrat. Anyone interested in joining or just learning more about anonymous, message me up on here, or go to my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001595489119

If you read all or most of this, congrats! If you have any questions or cute, kind messages, the space for those is right down there on the page. Love ya bai c: