There's no one exactly like you on Earth. But it would be cool to meet the person who came the closest, amirite?

I'll wait until Apple releases an app for that!(:

It's strange that gullibleville is the only town/city in the entire United States that starts with a G, amirite?

I didn't believe this, but then I tried to think of one...took me a while.

And with that, Harry Potter has come to an end. Until Disney obtains the rights to his name! Then, we can all look forward to Harry Potter: The Animated Series, starting this fall! It's about Harry Potter and his friends as they deal with everyday school-related problems, and Harry learning that using magic isn't always the answer, amirite?

I don't favorite many posts; this one made me die laughing. Thank you for that(:

You wouldn't want your kid's science teacher to believe in intelligent design, amirite?

I don't see why his beliefs should counteract with the schools curriculum. I really wouldn't care...

You've had a dream where you honestly can't tell if it was reality or fiction when you wake up, amirite?

Chris Brown was going to kill me, because I saw him murder someone...And he was standing right next to my bed (in my dream), so then when I woke up, I was all like "I know you're there, Chris". My mom was standing outside of my room and woke me up by saying "Who the hell is Chris?"

You are either on an iPod or Chrome, amirite?

On Windows 7 with Firefox...

Tongues are such trolls. Your entire body says "No! Get that garbage away from me!" and the tongue just says "Twinkies? Keep 'em coming!" amirite?

Story of my obese childhood...

If you magically had a chance to wish for anything you want, you have considered wishing for the ability to eat as much as possible without becoming fat, amirite?

I'd ask to be able to control time. It's like having more than one power that you'd benefit from. You could: Cheat on your test, get away with murder, get that extra 3 hours of sleep you wanted, leave home at 7:59AM and be at work at 8:00AM, stop yourself being mulled by lions, not give 2 fucks about traffic signs, evade the police, skip through commercials, rob a bank, have time to read the newspaper and not skim through, reread old books that can re-captivate your heart...the list really does go on and on.

Holes was probably one of the best movie adaptations of a book, amirite?
@Shugah WHAT? It can't be. This was a year ago!

I know, I'm just trolling(: Plus, it's Harry Potter Weekend! (:

All the ancient male statues, their man pieces are quite small, amirite?

This is because in the Ancient (Greek) World and the Renaissance, small penises were considered desirable. I'm quoting this directly from Wikipedia, by the way.

When you think of masturbating, you always think of a guy doing it, never a girl, amirite?
@Shadi Thank you for tipping me off aboot your voyeurism...

My what? Goes to Google translator Realizes that there's no direct translation Goes to and looks up voyeurism Finds out that it means that I like watching people do the naughty without them knowing Realizes that the Arabic translation has SOME truth to it Comes back and posts the following comment: OH NO, I meant that I love the word "misturessbation", not the actual doing so. (:

Offered 10million dollars, 3 people you don't know across the world will die. You would do it, amirite?

One could be a single mother trying to support 5 kids...I wouldn't put children in that situation, as I wouldn't put fathers or mothers through the pain of knowing that their children won't be cared for because God knows which side of the world they live in, or how they'll die. With questions like these, you'd be an idiotic psychopath not to consider this. So, no...I would say I wouldn't.

You hate abbreviations that aren't any shorter to say than the real words (example: OMG= 3 syllables- Oh my god= 3 syllables, TTYL & Talk to you later both= 4 syllables), amirite?
CONGRATULATIONS! You are the 1000th person to post a pun about Amy Winehouse and rehab! Click here to receive your free iPad 2! amirite?

They tried to make her go to rehab and now she's dead dead dead.

6 probably only spread the 7-8-9 rumor to cover up the things 6 and 9 do together, amirite?