..."Yes," it "is."

There should be only one World's Greatest Dad shirt. And you should have to kill the previous owner to wear it. amirite?

...similar to the passing of the elder wand.

Girls: You save all your menstrual blood in a cup throughout the year, and then pour it in with the punch at the school dance, amirite?
@Jonesy (more awkward...

Looks like you can add your periods to the punch, too!

I see there’s a lot of people asking if Kate Middleton will be the new Queen. I say there’s no chance. Queen had a string of huge hits in the 70’s and 80’s and Kate has very little experience in the music industry. amirite?

This did not make me laugh. Everyone here is too happy. I did think it was quite funny, though, and did this weird thing with my mouth that might count as a smile.

Im getting a new puppy its brown tan and white what would be some good names for it (its a gurl)

Since it's a gurl, you should go with "baby gurl" and then when it grows up change its name to "adult gurl."

It would be really cool if instead of turning the Harry Potter books into movies, they could've made them into TV series. Each book will be a season, and each chapter an episode. It would've been much cooler, plus they also would've been able to fit every detail of the book, add in extra details, and show us more about life in Hogwarts. Amirite?

Only if J.K. Rowling approved the extra details and had complete veto power.

It's cool that ANTHONY.

You sometimes find yourself saying combo insults, for example, "fuck-tard", "dick-end", "shit-break", "nob-end", "slut-features", amirite?


It's no coincidence the Harry Potter's birthday, July 31, is 9 months after Halloween, amirite?

It's ironic because that's the day his parents die, too. :/

Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!

...this is the first post in months that's made me laugh out loud.

You wouldn't mind getting a clever tattoo, amirite?

Sure, in theory. None of these, though.

No one actually sleeps with their hands folded under their head like they show in movies, amirite?


curly hair is better than straight hair on a girl, amirite?

I'm pretty sure that's just a matter of personal preference.

Hot girls, we have problems too. We're just like you except we're hot.

If aliens really wanted to take over the Earth, they wouldn't need to come down and laser-nuke all the major cities. They wouldn't have to replace the most powerful leaders or disable all our militaries. All they'd need to do is sow seeds of discord until we were too weak to face them, and then waltz into power. It's a good thing we all get along or else we might just be destroyed, amirite?
@SaintNICK It sucks that a post this good will probably never get the recognition it deserves.

How can you be so sure? Just you wait; this post will go far. It's brilliant and stuff.