Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?
You wonder why they make 1lb. dumbbells, amirite?
The girls at Hooters may be hot, but when it comes down to it, the girls at Subway are the real wife material, amirite?
@Favvkes Do you work at Subway? Because everytime I see you, I get a footlong

Hey baby, do you work at Subway?

'Cause you should go make me a sammich.

You think a popular place like the Krusty Krab would have more than two employees, amirite?

Not with that cheap ol' Mr. Krabs.

Guys: You get angry when you here girls bitch about shaving their legs even though to be accepted we have to shave so much more of our bodies than them. amirite?
@mirandaamirite Guys shave- Face, and pubes. Girls shave- 2 legs, sometimes arms and stomach, pubes, bikini line, wax eyebrows.

And don't forgot the girls that wax their face. There's always that girl that has a mustache and sideburns.

Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?
@mchalla3 That means it's too early. She's not ready/in love yet, so she needs more time.

Maybe it's just me but... I'm pretty sure it's possible that someone can be able to not love someone. Just cause someone proposes to you doesn't mean you love or will ever love them.

Whenever somebody says something about a number, you always count, just in case you can correct them. For example, this post has twenty-six words, amirite?
@Caitlin I didn't even think of counting the amirite.

This also happened to me. I was like, "Hey! There's TWENTY-FIVE wor-...wait..."

Your school has certain fashion trends that other schools don't have, amirite?
@midnightcookies wearing socks with athletic sandals like this...

My school DOESN'T do that! Ha, I stopped the pattern.

I love black clocks. You read that wrong, amirite?

I like dig bicks. hello smilie

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a lot of people are too stupid to use Google. A lot of my friends will ask me questions and they'll be like, "I can't find the answer." Then I'll google it, and it'll be the first link. Or when I'm googling something, and someone asks a question on a question site when they could have googled it and it would have been right there. Or some of my friends will go like, "GOOGLE IS SOOOOO UNRELIABLE. HERP DERP." Maybe if you knew how to use it properly...

Sorry, I kind of ranted.

Going to a strip club is like going to a restaurant to admire a plate of food: one of the waiters probably has an STD, amirite?
@Brettward95 8==D

Before I found out what that was, I just thought it was a really long smiley face.

Your school has certain fashion trends that other schools don't have, amirite?

Everyone has a ID that we're supposed to put around our neck. Instead, everyone puts it in their back pocket and lets the chain hang out.

Minors: Drinking Izze makes you feel like a badass, amirite?

At first I figured it was alcohol, but then I googled it... why on earth would drinking carbonated juice make you feel like a badass?

Nothing better is taking your first shit in your own toilet after a vacation. That's why people go on vacations, amirite?

I went through 3 months of shitting in those pit holes; it was absolute torture. When I got home, I spent a good half an hour in the bathroom cause it felt fucking good to actually SIT on something while I shit... and I am not ashamed to say that.

Obama is such a socialist; first Health care, then what? Medicare? Social Security? Fire departments? Public Roads? Public Schools? We shouldn't let these socialist ideas disrupt this country. amirite?