Whenever you go on a trip with people you never bring toothpaste because you expect someone else to bring it, but everyone thinks this way so you end up not having toothpaste! amirite?

If you're flying, it's because they usually don't allow toothpaste or lotion and what not on the plane...

Americans: You really have no idea who you're going to vote for in the election, amirite?
@NOT Obama, that's for sure.

He's not even running! Give the guy a break. dang

There should be a button on your keyboard that changes letters from lowercase to capitals, amirite?
Sometimes in life we ask ourselves "Why were we born?" or "What was our purpose in life?" Maybe we were just asking the wrong questions. Maybe the right question was "For whom should we live for?", amirite?
So like donald duk dos'nt were pants and dafy duk du'snt and like their both dnt and thats kool, amirite?
When you were younger Disney channel used to be the shit, now the shows on Disney channel are shit, amirite?

I personally like the old disney channel shows. The new ones are crap to me.

you can tell Anthony is British, there's a link to view your "favourites", amirite?
Tomboy chicks: When you shop for Halloween costumes, you have to go in the guy's section because the female costumes are just too girly, amirite?
People who choose to be fat deserve no pity. The ones who can't control because of some medical condition deserve it. amirite?

Yet the only way to know is if you ask them or know them enough to know which one they are...

Nobody would ever admit to watching porn. amirite?
When you go out to eat and you get a bagel they always put way to much cream cheese on it. amirite?? amirite?

The more the better! It'd suck if they put too little.

Your friends will not say anything about your facial flaws (plaque on your teeth, pimples) but then people who either hate you or people you THINK are your friends (but really aren't) will always call you out on your imperfections, amirite?

True friends will let you know.

There's your average clueless person that you laugh at, there's those few clueless people that make you want to facepalm, and there's that one seriously clueless person that makes you want to headdesk multiple times, amirite?

I can't help it really.

Girls: It's annoying when you have a piece of hair, food, etc. on your boob and you have to get it off but you don't want people to see you playing with your boob in public. amirite?

I've seen this same post reworded at lest 3 times.

Girls: Making out with your lady friend is considered cheating if you're with a guy, amirite?