I thought it was really nice of her to send that message to me :]

If you met people on here in real life you'd call them by their username, amirite?

CockDangleAssFag, box, talkingRice, tictacAddict, 52489, BaconIsGoodForMe, FlipFlopandSocks, polarthebear, but I think the most ridiculous one would be Julian

You find yourself physically attracted to some of the posters here. We're a good-looking bunch of people? Amirite?

This post has been blown off its hinges. I'm gonna redirect it by making a list of users I find physically attractive. LAWLZAttack is already on the list. I have a bad memory, so these are from my messages list: Sexydumbass, Sobriquet, ItsATrap, Suzywao, SPEARMINTMILK, LARRYHI, Kayla_Loves_You, Chiddybang, Ilikefurrywolves4185, xTabithaxo, Frogy8thefly, Kalopsia, PocketPie, Shelbybuckffs, SamG, Shortillathehun, Beautiful_Rival, Layni, Kiwilee, _Ami_Raine_, TicTacAddict, INomOnBabies, Annieeekk, Lexxxiex3, Cuban_B, ihearandommusic, Montana, AverageSlytherin, ImTheRealShady, Stepharoo, Bethanytheravenclaw, Jesse_James, Loamelia, UhOhBananaTime, Daney, Imaninja16, rabieschick530, Jennitalia, BaconisGoodForMe, SomeEpicName, KaySeas, Andromeda, Iamrite23, Soulmeetsbody, Parade_rainer, France, Cat, and Jasmineboo.

That's not in any particular order, though I emphasized Spearmintmilk because she's my best friend and I love her. Same with LarryHi. Hilary is so fucking sexy unf. ColeBowl also should have been on there, but she wasn't in my messages list.

So basically I am a whore with a wide variety of tastes. I was going to make another list by clicking random posts, but that list up there was already out of control.

Your life changed when you found you had no gag reflex, amirite?
@TicTacAddict More like my boyfriend's life changed.

Says the person with the screen name TicTacAddict. XD

Ke$ha is so easy, a caveman can do her, amirite?

According to Seventeen Magazine, she is a certified genius with an SAT of 1500/1600 and an IQ of 140. Interesting food for thought.

In the future, I'd HATE to tell my grandkids "Back in my day, our books were on PAPER", amirite?
@TicTacAddict I like the new book smell. An electronic book may be more convenient, but it totally defeats the purpose of a BOOK.

I skimmed this. Trees are not extinct. If we put more work into nature restoration, this can still work.

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All halfway decent girls: you can walk up to almost any random guy (especially in high school) and ask him to engage in sexual acts with you, and he will do it on the spot. Please use this power. Guys, amirite?

Sadly, women would be a lot more likely to have sex if men were better at bringing them to orgasm.

The last time you touched a breast it was in a KFC bucket, amirite?
There's plenty of fish in the sea, but only if you have a good rod, amirite?

Is it sad that I immediately thought of Pokemon and said to myself that I'd rather have a Super Rod? .. Don't answer that, I know it is.

Sometimes when you're a girl you prefer to have guy friends, amirite?

http://tinyurl.com/5wqprme is an interesting article about internalised misogyny, which is a topic relevant to this post because women will often put down other women by saying "girls start drama" or that they "think like a man" and "aren't like other girls" (because instead of concluding that, y'know, stereotypes about women aren't true, they conclude that they must be the only exception).

I'm not saying people who hang around with guys are all doing it because of internalised misogyny. If you have hobbies and interests more traditionally masculine, you're probably going to meet more men (and have more in common with them) than women with feminine ones. But if you're actively seeking out friendships with just men based on stereotypes about women, you maaaay want to read that article above. :)

@TicTacAddict Yellow is a happy color.

It's also the color of puke after eating too much eggs...

paper its not supposed to beat rock. rock could just break through the paper, amirite?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possesion of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. amirite?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

Girls: a big chest & a baggy T-shirt is just not a good combination, amirite?

It makes you look fat.
And if you wear a highnecked shirt it makes them look bigger.
And then if you wear a short thats just a little too low cut you look like a slut. It's hard to find shirts.