Anything is edible if you're willing to die, amirite?
@is that your wife?

I mean we fuck...but not my wife

If you loose a life in game you are actually gaining an extra life, amirite?

Think of all the wasted extra lives that winners dont use

Eating ass is acceptable. Chewing ass is not. amirite?

You don't hear people casually using the phrase " tossing salads " anymore...i wonder why

Love is a single player game now, amirite?
If you change a broken law the people who wrote the law are then criminals, amirite?
@Timeprofessional I dont understand. Why would they be?

Only criminals make unjust laws that become changed

Gene therapy is genocide, amirite?

Yall be mistaken

Venice is flooding...if it was caused by climate change everywhere else would flood as well, amirite?
“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”(G. Michael Hopf) amirite?

Sexy women make men hard

I still think the aztecs willingly sacrificed millions more to the gods then spain ever would have

Lets pretend all the math is done , the science is in, the earth is screwed. Humans are killing the earth with excess waste destroying the ecosystem. If we dont cull half the human population now, the fragile balnce of nature will collapse on itself in 30 short years. So you justify a new form of genocide and start with the least deserving. amirite?
@Find a poison gas that attacks only the genes of a race (or two or three) you want to eliminate. I mean, if half a...

It wouldnt be actual would be based on your opinions...because some people really are more responsible for the climate crisis, not only must we stop pollution but we must punish those responsible


The point is always lost to the puncuation nazis

Join the War of Ideas : Vote
@urwutuis Not sure what you mean by show support toward someone. Please explain. But I think 2024 will be too late. If they...

I would like to see Bernie groom someone younger, im fine moving forward with trump. If he makes it that bad by then the coup will be that much easier. Because we need someone like trump to be the hero or to turn so evil that we become willing to burn all of washington

One major advantage of being female is almost no one ever gets mad at you for having an accidental orgasm. amirite?
@yourneck Touche my friend

Haveing an orgasm is lame compared to everyone constantly trying...trying and trying HARDER all for you

If you dont know what your talking about, you need to talk about it more, amirite?