How is porn not considered prostitution? It's people having sex for money, amirite?

Seeing as your user name is "eatme1308" you would know...

its ok that my stepdad and i are going out. my mother is jealous, just because her and my stepdad are married and she thinks its wrong. (im 17, my stepdad is 46, please help me prove to my mom that im right) there's nothing wrong with it, we're in love! amirite?

of course it's should go suck your dog's dick while you're at it!

It is impossible to bob your head back and forth with your mouth open, amirite?

haahahhaa i was like..this is so easy..oh wait...yeah...awkward.

Who actually uses letter openers anyway, fingers do the job just fine, amirite?

that's what she said.

Are you black? Cause you just stole my heart. amirite?

hahhaa nice one.and here comes the drama....

Then only thing worse than crocs is crocs with socks ,amirite?

And there is nothing worse than crocs with socks.

It sucks when you have $0.89 on iTunes, when most of the products cost $0.99, amirite?

sucks even more when you have $0.98.

Girls: It would suck if you got your period when you're giving a urine sample. amirite?

yeahh but my friend had to do some random drug test at school and she doesnt wear was a very bloody sample and she just ran outta there! hahahaha

They should print books with glow-in-the-dark ink so you can read at night, amirite?
Students in AP classes shouldn't have summer homework. Summer homework should be for the stupid kids, amirite?

Canada sounds amazing.

It's great watching the Cubs win a game. But it sucks when your mom tells you it's dinner-time and you have to switch off the playstation, amirite?

Cubs suckkkk!!!!
love, a cardinals fan. :D

I could make a totally stupid rap that goes like "Omg I just ate a sandwich," but still get rich if I put "Soulja Boy Tellem" at the beginning. Amirite?

I can't stand soulja boy.Especially that new song pretty boy swag.All he says is pretty boy swag the whole time! It's freakin annoying.

Happy Half-Off Halloween Candy Day, amirite?

I hear target calling my name!

Opera sucks and it's annoying, amirite?