About me.

So uh.
Yeah, I don't just sit here, and think of posts. That's probably why I don't have any. I'll just post one when i think of one.
I love the band Muse. :b I don't really think i have a favorite song but whatever.
I love drawing. I mean, i may not be the BEST around. But I enjoy it.
There's really no point for you to read this, and I would be surprised if you took the time to even care.
My height? Not even 5 feet. Yep, I'm a shorty. I'm like 4'10(:
I like singing when I'm alone. Not with anyone else. I'm terrible. Like. seriously.
I'm bored 24/7. So then I thought to myself, "I could be on amirite, still being bored" So here I am.