Net Neutrality: For or Against?
@Maze We're talking about the repeal of FCC rules that were brought in 2 years ago. Was the internet more free or less...

Ending T2 rating would allow ISP's to slow loading times of whichever sites they choose.
You don't see a problem there?
If you want corporate control of your information then killing T2 would be the ticket.

Verizon and AT&T built their wireless networks under T2 and did just fine.

In answer to your question I don't think the Internet is any less free than it was 2 years ago. There's more bullshit but I don't see sites being stifled except for on youtube and they aren't throttling them just
de-monetizing to make it harder for them to operate because they don't like the sites content and BECAUSE THEY CAN. What do you think would happen if they controlled your information?

It would all be mainstream. That may not be a direct issue for you but the majority will buy whatever they're fed. We're so heavily indoctrinated now that it's hard to resist being manipulated by the daily barrage of bullshit even when you're aware of it. Keep in mind we live in the largest, most prolific propaganda machine on the planet and they've gotten very good at it over the years.

When you give up the club as a means of societal control you have to control how and what people think.

Club Shooter, Omar Mateen Was a Registered Democrat

Your point being what? That is should be branded democratic terrorism?
I thought democrats were anti gun, pro gay.
Conservatives never cease to crack me up.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 How Would Rate the Trump Administration?
Post a favourite protest song....

Totally unacceptable. Discrimination is just wrong. For wearing a hat? That's just stupid. I understand the judge's ruling but I would never set foot in that bar again unless it was to call them a bunch of assholes.

Post a favourite protest song....

Randy Newman Political Science
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Kudos to Fox News and Cavuto for finally waking up to the fact that Trump is the one causing the problems in our nation. He isn't draining the swamp, he's adding more slime to that swamp with his lies and corruption. Everyday there is another scandal, chaos in the highest office in the land, how sad. It's not a certain party that is full of hate, it's President Trump and his band of crooks that do his bidding.
@StarzAbove He keeps his base because they want to believe all his lies..... but I think that's gonna change pretty soon.

I just saw a poll that said 76% of republicans think Trump is a consistent truth teller.
I almost fell out of my chair.

Trump is the Laziest President in History

Bunch of whining maggots

Do you talk to yourself?

Yes, I'm the only one I can get a civil answer from anymore.

As long as the earth has had climate, it has been changing!
@Budwick The 'science' has been debunked a number of times, the data manipulation exposed several times, we've actually been...

The science hasn't been debunked and the planet hasn't been cooling. 2014 was one of the hottest years since record keeping began. It was tied with 2005 and 2010.
That's according to NASA, WMO, NOAA and Japan Meteorological Organization et al.

Crippling primary energy sources? How? By giving them too much money? US oil production is at 1985 levels and they still get $4 billion a year not counting taxpayer funded Navy protection 24/7.
Production has increased every year since 2008.

Hypocrisy at it's Finest
Do you care who you offend?

Of course I do and I'm very careful with words although I've been described as brutally honest on numerous occasions. If you don't want the truth ask somebody else

50 GOP National Security Officials Warn: Trump a Security ‘Risk’

I don't think anything short of a nuclear exchange would convince some of them.
To us it's obvious but not to the brainwashed FOX crowd.

I was working on a job where the people had right wing talk radio on full blast all day every day. Guys like Rush Limbaugh have raised standard propaganda techniques to an art form that, to the unaware, would be very compelling.
Listening to it day in and day out is like self brainwashing and when you see it repeated everywhere you look it's almost irresistible.
To me it's comical but I can see how it becomes reality for a lot of people.

Im a Catholic and my husband's an athiest. What can I do to open up his mind and heart to Jesus?

"atheists close themselves, or are closed, to potentiality."
That's not true. In fact, if anything closes one to potentiality it's religion. It leads people to believe they already have the answer.

Everyone is an Atheist to the Gods of religions other than their own. Some of us have just taken it a step further. We believe in only one less God than you.

Oh my! She was right, they really should've done more research before hiring her for the job...

Not only did she show more guts than anyone else in the room She nailed it.
I laughed my ass off.
Meanwhile, all the bad mouthing from the falsely acting indignant is a crack up.