Can Anyone Explain how Trump is Helping the Working Class?

I am still just waiting for trump to make things right. Nothing so far has helped me in my daily life.

Global Warming Will End Mankind in 20 years or Less

We're killing ourselves. And nothing is being done about it.

This is What Makes Conservatives Dangerous

Truthfully, this is what makes people dangerous - their willingness to pick a side and defend it to the end no matter what. I saw it under Bush, I see it under Obama and I'm sure I'll see it under whoever wins next.

Electing the leader of your choice is a great thing, but then you have a responsibility to hold them to their promises and keep them honest, and most people don't seem willing to do that. And those who do tend to be automatically labelled supporters of the other party. It's a problem.

2 months? Yes, that's more than enough time. I'm pretty sure the USA would be able to do the same, without killing a bunch of innocent people, if they were in their place. They're going to catch all the bad guys, and if anyone dies, obviously they're all bad people. It's not like civilians live in Mexico. And it's not like the Cartel has hands in everything, and probably has some politicians in their pockets. Rushing into matters like this is obviously the smart thing to do. It's not like you're dealing with a sensitive situation and dangerous people. Nope, not at all.

How do You Get This to Fly?

Another lame brained idea, only to do away with every thing President Obama put in place.

It's sad to say, but yet there are still some people that believe whatever lie comes out of Trump's mouth, and there are many.

How do You Get This to Fly?

Yeah, we all know those upstanding oil company executives aren't concerned with profit, they are all about safety. They are doing the same thing with the FDA and our food, no more regulations, I guess it's just a coincidence there are so many recalls on food now.

You know the cute little sayings and quotes they put in the upper corner of the page?

lol The first time I saw the comment, I thought....what the heck? lol How did they know I bought a new blouse, or that I was looking good today. lol

You know the cute little sayings and quotes they put in the upper corner of the page?

I have always loved this bit. It's bloody hilarious:

"This section is for questions which can have factual answers..."

Anyone else remember when Hillary had a Twitter meltdown over the Bengazi thing like a big cry baby (rather than calmly sitting down for 11 gruelling hours of questions from hostile senators) because she knew she was completely innocent and the whole thing was a rigged witch hunt? Me neither.

She isn't the I don't care about Hillary.

But I understand your need to cling on to her shortcomings.

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