If you're self-employed and you talk to yourself at work it's just a staff meeting, amirite?

But I can still hate my boss, right? Me is such an asshole.

Knowledge is pain and ignorance is bliss and that's because with knowledge you know what you want and when you don't get it creates pain whereas in ignorance you don't know what you want, so even when you don't get since you don't know what you are losing you will be in bliss. Amirite!
@How high are you?

I think he didn't put the correct oregano in the pizza

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle applies to knowing how someone is feeling and what caused them to feel that. Amirite!

No, it only applies to quantum physics

Dairy Queen sells ice cream for dogs but dairy is bad for dogs. Amirite!?

And sugar is bad for humans. I think it's clear that DQ is not a health food store for any species.

Humans grew balls outside of their bodies to keep them cool but then grew hair to keep them warm, amirite?
When you add mayo to chopped eggs, potatoes, or chicken, it makes it a salad. But when you add mayo to chopped salad, it's coleslaw. amirite?
Air tastes like nothing. am I rite?

There is no taste of nothingness. You still taste it but your mind deems it as irrelevant information and ignores it.

If we are evolving, guys in the future will all have big pp. Amirite?!

If my school years taught me anything it's that we should evolve to keep our bits tucked into our bodies like those tribal people do so we don't suffer when kicked in the nuts.

Everybody agrees space is infinite, but where would heaven and hell be on this spectrum? They can't be above or below as it goes on forever. Is it a different realm like the spirit realm? Idk, amirite?
Workplace drama is even worse than high school drama, amirite?
Workplace drama is even worse than high school drama, amirite?
We could prevent another World War by not teaching about it in school. amirite?

That would ensure it, not prevent it.