Funerals are the only events a death person attends. amirite?

Ähm i can think of 1000s of Events where a dead Person can attend. 1 example war

One always needs to eat one too many slices of pizza in order to know they shouldn't have eaten it. amirite?

This is the story of my life.

Aside from eventually learning proper human speech, a baby could probably be trained completely to act like a dog. amirite?

When you look at coco the gorilla, it makes sense that actually the only thing gorillas are missing is an education.

As with the reverse, there are many cases of feral children, being raised and cared for by animals. When they finally make contact with humans, they are for all intents and purposes wild animal versions of the animal that raised them. They will behave just like that animals. Even biting and growling at humans in the case of a dog mother. But there are a fair few cases of other feral children by other animals too.

You have trouble losing weight because your body is so efficient at using energy, amirite?

I've seen footage of myself running. Inefficient as hell.

Your brain thinks you're already moving, amirite?
It's a shame we can can be immediately judged by our looks and not by our "souls". amirite?

Sometimes it's for the best, trust me.

Our bodies are dying a little bit every day. amirite?

Welcome to the world of being aware of your mortality. You've now joined the rest of the humans in their uncomfortable awareness.

You don't know how far the nearest corpse is from you. amirite?

Jokes on you I life next to a graveyard

We Are The Highest Intelligent Species In The Cosmos, amirite?
The existence of the cockroach implies that at one point a creature known as a pussyroach also existed. amirite?

Or a Henroach

Watching satisfying videos with bad internet is one of the most unsatisfying things, amirite?
Fear is a drug delivered by screen. amirite?
@Alixkast Try again.

Thank you for playing

"Mad Libs" was the original "random=funny", amirite?

"The big brown penis jumped on the counter."

Most good systems in the world involve a hole and something that goes in and out of it, amirite?
Cause momma said so, amirite?

I've got my own pet troll. Love cowards