About me.

My name is Shay.
I am 16 okay, so thirteen wary smilie
I probably really like you.

I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. And no, we don't walk around barefoot eating fried chicken while tending to our tractors.

I'm new to this account, but I've been anon for awhile now. I guess I just now got around to making an account.

Message me if you want, I love when people do.


Run_The_Pacific , fieldhockeychick77 , and I are half-alien triplets separated at birth. lolwut smilie

Yeah you read that right, HALF-ALIEN TRIPLETS.

I assure you I am not a ditzy blonde. I'm actually rather smart, even though 8th graders tend to be certified dumbasses.

I'm not very big on the "about me" thing, so if you want to know more just ask!