There's no logical reason for washing machines to have those little windows. I mean, who watches their laundry be cleaned, amirite?
I'm a 14 year old girl, it's normal that I've only kissed eight guys, hugged 16, and had sex with ONLY 3, amirite?

Enjoy your syphilis, love.

It's always funny when you're standing in line at lunch and these two huge jocks in front of you freak out and tear up because they forgot to water their strawberries on FarmVille last night, amirite?

Go back to MLIA.

America: If we weren't so far away from other countries, we'd probably be much less ignorant of other cultures and much less obsessed with British people and their accents, amirite?

If you're talking about the United States of America, I hate to break it to you, but Canada is RIGHT THERE.

It's hard not to be happy while holding a cupcake. amirite?

...until someone takes it.

You're white, amirite?

Biracial, dear.

every year you realize how dumb you were the year before. amirite?

Is this a Simpsons reference?

Guys: you like alot of girls, but there's that one girl who you can't keep out of your head, amirite?

I think I'm gonna name my kid Waymond.

You can think of at least one song that has a "na na na" breakdown, amirite?

Hey Jude & Wake Up (Arcade Fire)

The Red/Pink flavors in almost any candies are always the best, amirite?

Except for winegums -- black all the way

You've always secretly wanted a pet pokemon. amirite?

My pokèmon bring all the boys to the yard
And they're like "Do ya wanna trade cards"
And I'm like "Yeah I wanna trade cards,
I'll give ya anything but my Charizard"

Everyone has that movie where you can pretty much quote every word. amirite?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Spirited Away (don't judge me)

There are grammar nazis so that must mean everybody else is a grammar jew, amirite?

...or black, or Asian, or gay...

Violas are just better... amirite?

GO VIOLAS!!! Represent!

If you think swimming isn't a sport, then tell me this: why is it one of the biggest events in the olypics? amirite?

Michael Phelps. Period.