Women admit it, Men look good in a uniform, amirite?


Most rappers begin there song with a "yeah, Uh", amirite?

Either that, or the rapper's own name.
I'm looking at you, Jason Derulo. >.>

Choosing your political views just because they are the same as your parents' is idiotic. If that is what you actually believe, okay. But if you just choose a political party or standpoint JUSt because it is the same as your parents makes no sense.. Form your own opinions, amirite?

A man chooses, a slave obeys.

The aim of education is to teach us how to think, not what to think, amirite?

waves 'Join IB' flag

Prom isn't for the popular girls who dress up three times a week. It's for the shy girl in the back of your Calculus class whose mom did her make-up, nerdy crush asked her, and who's smiling because she looks and feels genuinely beautiful. amirite?

Aww, this actually kinda makes me want to go prom now. :)

You hate it when your friend steals your joke and gets all the credit for it, amirite?

This reminds me of the South Park episode "Fishsticks".

girls who wear clumps of makeup on their face look cheap and sometimes slutty, amirite?

Only sometimes?

It sucks when all of your friends have a boyfriend and you're the only single one, amirite?

This post is especially relevant considering that it's prom season.

Breast cancer doctors are lucky. They get to look at tits all day. amirite?

I don't think the tits they're looking at are hot college-aged tits or anything like that.

It's annoying when two or more questions in your textbook are disguised as one, amirite?

My economics textbook seriously puts 5 or so questions into one question. It just lists the questions one after the other.
It's like a little kid.

You know what a Moral Objectivist is (without looking it up) amirite?

Thank you, Bioshock/Ayn Rand.

Far into the future, after everyone living on the earth right now is dead, someone will somehow find and be able to read everyone's old Facebook accounts and deem them fit to use to trace their ancestors. The problem with this is that we all have our best friends listed as "daughter", "son," or "grandfather," amirite?

"And while previous records have shown that having large numbers of children was fairly uncommon in the 21st century, the discovery of Facebook has proved differently. According to this record, it is not abnormal for individuals from this era to have 10, even 20 siblings. As many of these siblings have different last names, we can assume that polygamy was a common practice in the 21st century as well."

The most awkward thing ever is when you are in a public bathroom stall and you catch the eye of someone you kinda know through the crack in the door. No other thing could be more awkward than that, amirite?

I think it's just a tad more awkward when the other person's door doesn't close correctly and you walk in on them doing their business.

"Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal..." Rebecca Black apparently smokes weed and then gets the munchies in the morning! Amirite?

Damn...too bad that the pot didn't help her write good lyrics like it helped the Beatles.

It's hard not to love the music in the Bioshock games, amirite?

Why oh why can't the Bioshock (1) soundtrack be available for download anymore? D: