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It's good but i prefer "Not before you take me out to dinner" with the suggestive look added on of course.

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well my friends and i joke around by telling each other that we're secretly dinosaurs and will eat each other if necessary, or that we shoot awesome bombs and pizazz harpoons, but we're definitely not those annoying popular girls who are like "becky, you're so ugly. hahaha". idk it just seems weird?

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Oh and even if it was it would never be amirite?.com because that's not a valid domain name.

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I can't think of a single Hangman game I've played where I would have been able to complete 2 people before finishing.

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Courage_Wolf Courage_Wolf

In response to “I can't think of a single Hangman game I've...

Not necessarily. Like when I want to be a ****, I do czar. That's really hard. And rhythm really throws people off, because there are no vowels. I'm a boss at hangman.

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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1608- England

"Hello Emily, my my look how you have grown up, turning into quite the young lady. How old are you now?"

"I'm turning 13 next week!"

"13 already?! Well, introduce us to your fiancee!"

"But...I don't have a fiancee"

"What? Haha...clearly you must be joking. That is not socially acceptable, darling. What will your peers have to say about this? You will grow old and frail all alone, without a single offspring in the world, By the age of 25, your life will be over."

Emily walks away..

"Mum! I want a husband!"

"You should have said something earlier sweet pea, you're too old now!"

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Omg, YES. This actually works. When it comes to my brother, I usually try to one-up him, even. "Sami, that shirt makes you look fat." "No, Jon, my fat makes me look fat."

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Butts Butts

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i think it's even more depressing that 2 percent of kids don't know who lives in a pinapple under the sea.

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And the longer you stretch it, the more it hurts when one person lets go.

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HugARock HugARock

In response to “And the longer you stretch it, the more it...

Also, if you try to rush it instead of stretch it out, it'll break faster. You have to loosen things up.

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ken_z ken_z

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Guys:Your gf should be the most important thing ever. "Yeah, so true, they need to understand this!"
Girls: Your bf should be the most important thing ever. "OH MY GOD, WE'RE NOT OBJECTS, YOU SEXIST PIGS, WE SHOULD HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF DATING, YOU ****!"

You girls are pathetic. Seriously.

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polarthebear polarthebear

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There is actually a word that rhymes with orange. It's "sporange," a type of fungus.
Nothing rhymes with month, though.

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I smoke vanilla bean just like it's my green. Chocolate is even better, it washes all my pricey sweaters. My mom won't let me drink soda in public, that's when I bought yellow mix and said **** it. Boyfriend tried to convert me to pie, dumped him a week later, the frosting will explain why. Rappin' bout cupcakes, day and night, never thought it'd start a fight. -written by myself. Woohoo-

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awesomesocks awesomesocks

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