Vegetarians are only seen as militant because we only ever hear from the loud ones, amirite?

or because acknowledging the existence of vegetarians makes some people feel insecure and casting them as bad, uppity, or trifling allows one to write them off.

The universe is still in its infancy and we are probably just one of the first organisms to develop in it, amirite?

I saw a really good video on what the future of the universe is going to look like and in that video it said that we might be the first form of intelligent life to have developed in the universe. There might be life in other solar systems but it might not be anything intelligent other than other wildlife here on earth

There is no English vocab for grown kids of parents, amirite?


Sleep is the free trial of death, a coma is a membership. amirite?

Where can I buy a membership

Not jerking off during a porno is the real accomplishment. amirite?

I know, right? Especially when you're watching porn with your grammy.

In chess, the king never actually dies, amirite?

Pawns can't move backwards because if they could they'd kill their own kings in a heartbeat

With a smart phone and a swiss army knife, you can get into almost anything. amirite?
@FYI the Pentagon isnt one of them

What makes you say that? The phone gets through the electronic, the knife gets through the physical.

We are very lucky that farts don't have color. amirite?

You mean "when"

The story of The Little Red Hen didn't teach anyone a valuable lesson, it only encouraged us to never share if they don't help, amirite?

The lesson in the little red hen wasn't for the little red hen, it was for the lazy bums who tried to profit off of her hard work

People are more willing to donate to millionaire Twitch streamers than give a homeless person money. amirite?

Some* people

People who don't eat string cheese in strings real miss the point. amirite?

I use string cheese as an edible spoon to eat apple sauce, eating a bit of the cheese "spoon" with each bite.

Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?
Carbon is the backbone of all living things. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The number of the beast is designed into the atomic template of all lifeforms. amirite?

Except that 666 is not an accurate number. It's actually 616

Black & White are mostly not recognised as a colour. amirite?
Soon, the last people who have talked to someone who lived in the pre-lightbulb era will vanish, amirite?
@Sybersonic My grandmother was alive (but young) for the first flight, and for the moon landing. That is just amazing to me

We're a young species. So incredibly much has happened in just 150 years.

Mom remembers watching the moon landing as a kid. Didn't know the significance of it, but 'got it' on an abstract level. "Oh okay so someone's on the moon now? Cool" basically. :P