Praying should be like masturbation. Nobody cares if you do it and if you do it in public don't make it obvious, amirite?

Anyone should be allowed to pray in public so long as they are not disturbing others, like screaming their prayer at the top of their lungs.

A re-match on the Wii is called a Wii-Match, amirite?

Wii remote = Wii-mote.

If it's a girl's fault that she got raped because she dressed sluttily, then it's a homeowner's fault that he got robbed because he didn't lock his window, amirite?

Its not a girls fault if she was raped period. Also, I am sick of hearing girls who wear short skirts and low cut tops complain about guys hitting on them and staring.

I hate it when people yell at you to clean up spill milk in the cafeteria. I mean I'll clean up my garbage but the janitor get payed to clean up the other stuff. amirite?
@They're paid specificley just so I can be lazy.

(Your+name+(optional)): They are not paid so that every student can be lazy. Janitors are paid to keep the school grounds clean and sanitary for everyone.Its sad to see that they have to clean up after students who want to have someone else do their work for them.

That turtle that throws hammers in Mario Bros. is a little bitch, amirite?

His name is hammer bro. I have no idea why the bro. The games never show him with a brother.

It's pretty ironic when someone runs into a stop sign. amirite?

I actually did when I first learned to ride a bike.

"WOW!" .. "Oh shush the camera adds 10 pounds" ..."So, how many cameras were on you?", amirite?

Joey: What happened to your nose?
Rachel: They had to reduce it because of my deviated septum.
Chandler: No. I was wrong. See,thats what they use to cover

You wish you could call your iPod when you lose it, like a cell phone, so you could hear where it is and find it, amirite?

And keys and the remote.

Why can't the game Clue have a Mr.Black? Of course then everybody would accuse him of being the murderer, amirite?

Because Mr. Boddy wears black?

@If God is allowing us only certain options to choose, then how is that really free will? You could argue it's an...

Even though God limits things like gravity and the weather, he does not limit our individual actions. How people interact with each other and the world around us is completely up to us.

I think what your'e saying is " If we have free will, then we control our own destiny. And if we control our own destiny, then God cannot plan it. Is that right?

The new Harry Potter was awesome but it kinda pissed you off that they left out the scene where Harry yells at Lupin for wanting to leave Tonks and the unborn baby to join Harry, Ron, and Hermione, amirite?

They also didn't show what Harry wrote on Dobby's Gravestone.

@You're presenting two contradictory ideas here. If it's all a part of God's plan, then he would have planned for us...

I don't think that's true. God can plan our lives out and give us free will. Its like one of those choose your own adventure books. God writes the story and we choose which one to continue with, without knowing what's next, even though he does.

Religion has no place in todays advancing world, all it is doing is holding back stuff that could be used to boost mankind tremendously, like stem cell reasearch, amirite?

Just because some religions are against stem cell research, doesn't mean all of them are. Christianity respects life, and with that research to help save lives, however Christianity does not respect a system in which women repeatedly to get pregnant in order to sell stem cells, which are unborn children.

What does Voldemort eat anyways? amirite?
@That was only in the first book.

True, but I don't know what else he eats.

We all want that happy ending in life, amirite?

I want a happy continuance of life.