Which ice-cream flavor describes your personality?

Pistachio, because I am nutty

Does someone's political view impact how you see them as a person?

Of course. Every aspect of a person affects how I see them. That doesn't mean I would treat them differently, but it is certainly part of my perception of them.

Is Kesha a hippie

Kid, don't let them get you down. Just keep posting your ideas and the meanies can ignore you. The same people that complain about cyberbullies have the guts to mock you and your posts? SHM. This site is for all opinions and ideas. It is not for the grammar police or those that seek to use words to insult or embarrass others for sharing their opinions here.

Long live the new generation of Hippies!

What fictional character do you like to envision yourself as?

White people problems

Are you a prepper too?

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?
@Budwick And I suggest that you make amends with God, repent, and pray for forgiveness. Don't even worry about apologizing...

And I suggest that you make amends with God, repent, and pray for your own soul. Don't even worry about apologizing to me - it is you who spreads false statements about his asexuallity. According to your book he made Adam in his own image, are you saying Adam never had sex? When He specifically told Adam to multiply, I don't think he meant mathematics.

@TheCensoredBrit And? What does that have to do with the idiocy of your above reply?

Which activities, on a date, are necessary? Which activities, on a date would you suggest to your date, "if you don't like this, just go home, I'm staying"?

What role does the First Lady have in the US government?

To be hated and disparaged by total dickheads and to be loved by the masses. If you don't like her you are a flaming moron beyond belief, because she has nothing to do with the running of the country and you are just a vindictive asshole.

CNN is not fair and balanced, amirite ?
The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined

We don't need armed services. Arm the people. If we are ever invaded we will defend ourselves. Eisenhower warned us and we let them control us regardless. We are fools and deserve whatever happens. Take control, or sit back and complain.


Native or not, they are here to stay

@TheCensoredBrit And you think date rape is?

Something is gone awry here. I said "just stop" Two other comments suggested, essentially, keep going. I asked them if they condoned date-rape then? I do not, I was the one who said "stop" ! they disagreed, you and I agree.

The "Tattlin' Tattler" told about you and those little boys did he?

This site is not as great as it used to be. It's as if this site was the hot girl or hot dude from high school that let herself go and is unbelievably fat that they're unrecognizable by the time reunion comes around.

You should still sleep with her for old-times sake.