The world needs primitive technology reserves where people can go and do their caveman thing and still see other humans. amirite?

I found a community hand tool woodworking shop. When things open up again, I'm definately joining up. It's about as close as I can get in the big city.

Already rich people seem to get lots of things for free while the people who aren't rich or are poor and are in actual need dont. amirite?

Wealth creates wealth

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who ate their boogers as kids and those who didn't. amirite?

What do you mean, as kids?

Teenage years must be tough for people who are attracted to kids. That's when they realize they won't be into people their age their whole lives, it's gonna be kids permanently. amirite?

I don't understand what you're saying.

People fifty years ago or so must not have expected that passwords would play such an important part in non-spionage-related activities, amirite?

Of all the things people 50 years ago didn't expect, that's certainly one.

We listen to kids ramble about their fantasies, and we also listen to old people ramble about how their fantasies didn't work out. amirite?

Dude, ouch. I didn't really want ennui at 8:30 on a Sunday.

Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?
It is idealistic to want everyone to be a realist. amirite?

Well, it may be to expect it, but not just to want it

You don't meet many flat earthers who are pilots. amirite?

Because the salary is very high

If the purge didn't include murder, nobody would want to do it. We'd have to include murder to increase popularity. amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee Isn't the whole thing of the purge that crimes are legal or is it "still a crime but we will not prosecute"? If the...

This is exactly why the purge could never happen. Society would fall very quickly even after only 1 purge.

Technically a microwave is also a metal detector, amirite?
Our ancient civilization left us scrolls and cave paintings to tell their story. When we become a civilization, we will be leaving a full length 4K HD documentaries for them. amirite?

It's gonna get pretty awkward once they check tiktok

It's weird that diamonds lasting 'forever' is a selling point when there are also random ugly rocks that are millions of years old which the vast majority of people don't care about at all. amirite?
Hummingbirds fly insanely fast so they can visit more flowers and drink more nectar to give them the energy to fly insanely fast. amirite?

"I drink coffee before I sleep so I can dream faster"

Studies have shown that people are more likely to believe something if it starts with " it's scientifically proven... " or " studies have shown ", amirite?

How many studies?