We all know how a dick can enter a butthole. But the only realistic way for a dick to come out of a butthole is by entering through the vagina, penetrating the walls of the vagina and rectum and then passing down the anus. amirite?

whattabout a penile fracture causing the penis to be bent in half facing back towards the owner which is then inserted anally. I am sorry, but it had to be said.

The world needs primitive technology reserves where people can go and do their caveman thing and still see other humans. amirite?

I found a community hand tool woodworking shop. When things open up again, I'm definately joining up. It's about as close as I can get in the big city.

Horses are opposed to everything... amirite?

Except food!

Already rich people seem to get lots of things for free while the people who aren't rich or are poor and are in actual need dont. amirite?

Wealth creates wealth

Walk in someone else's shoes and gift them yours... amirite?

It might be an imitation Nike shoe from China

People don't want you to just listen. They want you understand. amirite?

I hear you. We all just want that... Whatever it was your were saying. Yep.

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who ate their boogers as kids and those who didn't. amirite?

What do you mean, as kids?

Life is suffering the conscious, Death is living the Unconscious. amirite?

I would argue death is not living at all

One of the more unrealistic depictions of real life in movies is the portrayal of a full breakfast being made and the family sitting down to eat on a work/school day. amirite?

You got the point! 😊

Every basketball shot will go in if thrown from the right place, amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker Not true. The way you shoot it is a bigger factor. A bad shot will always miss no matter were your standing.

Actually you're wrong, all parabolas are similar. A bad shot from the correct height and angle can always be put into the basket.

Teenage years must be tough for people who are attracted to kids. That's when they realize they won't be into people their age their whole lives, it's gonna be kids permanently. amirite?

I don't understand what you're saying.

Being a successful magician is impossible, amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee Check your ear

Did you put earwax in my ear without me noticing? I must be a magician because I'll never discover the secret of how you managed to do that when I was alone at home and I don't think we've ever met.

In a threeway, first one to shot is second one to die. amirite?

Then what's a douche canoe?

The biggest thing you'll ever see, seems to be the the smallest thing you ever saw. amirite?

Is this your go to pickup line?

You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?

Or when you're trying to sleep