We are tired in the morning but we have a lot of energy at night, amirite?

Not really lol. Wake up tired and exhausted in the evening.

Technically, straight men and women have the exact same amount of sex, amirite?

What about threesomes?

When you're in highschool, you're too young know how to attract other highschool kids. When you get older and learn those skills, highschool kids are no longer attractive. amirite?

Wrong....you can take me to jail now

If you're fortunate enough, your organs will spend their entire lifetime in complete darkness. amirite?
@peetey5920 What about black people

Even they need some extra sunlight or they become Michael Jackson.

When you lose money while gambling, technically speaking you lost the game, the money isn't "lost", it's just someplace else. amirite?

I lost the game

We pay garbage companies to take things that belong to us. amirite?
Ther has never been a thirsty fish ever, amirite?
our whole lives we are taught not to put sharp objects near our face, yet we pay barbers to use scissors against them. amirite?

Have you been taught not to put sharp objects near your face?

Maybe you let barbers do it because you've been trained not to.

Guns are such a huge part of most video games, it's hard to imagine how the gaming industry would have turned out without them, amirite?

A whole lotta platforming, puzzles, and Anime inspired Farming

If you come to think of it, 'LAYS' is Globally the no. 1 Seller of Air, amirite?

It is nitrogen.

Being a mind reader is depressing, amirite?
Back in cave people times they would have never seen themselves blinking in their lives, amirite?
@What about water reflections.

Can't see water reflection when your blinking

We're entertained on a daily basis from different arrangements of red, blue, and green lights. amirite?
Cavemen probably had some weird belly buttons as they didn't sever the umbilical cord as cleanly at birth. amirite?

It dries up and falls off on its own.

Guys who put the toilet seat down after they pee in a public men's room need to rethink their life choices. amirite?

Have you never been in a men's restroom before?