Is Chuck Norris The head man scout?


I feel so much more intellectually capable now. Thanks... Shouldn't you be studying instead of having a bitch fight on my post? haha

I dont find this ironic... Im aussie.

I think this post explains my whole existence...

Thanks guys for the overnight bitch fight, you made my day ahahahah :P

whoever wrote this must be an ugly mofo.

or go, "om nom nom nom freee meat."

what do you think tiramisu is? Its italian :P

@mfriggs hahaha, made my day

me too me too. I was like FUCK YEH THATS AWESOME.

its most likely that the parent is Ugly too.

Your not alone!

@There is a such thing as tomato pie. look it up.

Thats exactly what I was thinking... surely the human race has created a tomato pie.....

Or Get Governments to have better education....?