When you think your really good at something; remember there's an 8 year old asian thats better, amirite?

If you're talking about Asians as in Indonesians, Mongolians, Pakistanis, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Saudi Arabians, Filipinos, Israelian, Malaysians, Nepalian, Russaian, Armenian, Burmese, Cambodian, Georgian, Iraqi, Japanese, Turkey, Taiwanese, Persians and the rest of the 32 Asian ethinities, then OK, Asians are better at everything. Asian people only make up 60% of the human population - nearly 4 billion people- (that's not so bad, right?) so we must be good at everything, amirite?

You feel a little pride when your area code sneaks it's way into your math problem, amirite?

You used the wrong "it's." "It's is a contraction for "it is," while "its" is used to show possession