It'd be weird if making eye contact literally meant touching eyeballs. Amirite?

"OHMG YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY!!! That hot guy from math class made eye contact with me for a full ten seconds!!!"
"YEAH! He just like walked right up and like touched his BEAUTIFUL eyes to mine... "
"sigh That is SO hot. You are SOO lucky..."

That type of "eye contact" would be really awkward to witness...

Looking up your first name on Urban Dictionary is a real self-esteem booster. Unless your first name is Chad. amirite?

This one isn't my name, but it made me laugh.

"A Liam is a cross between a goat, a fish, a pig and a douchebag. Apparently A Liam will have some human attributes, but many are yet to be convinced. If you own a Liam, you can be sure that you will spend an excessive amount of money on it, your friends will be less likely to be seen with you (many people take a sudden dislike to Liam.) and all they are really good for is a ride.

Girl: I got myself a Liam today!
Friends: That's disgusting, please leave.
Girl: ): "

People used to say "just for the record..."but nowadays it should be "just for the blue-ray", amirite?
@YuZ so you don't check official records anymore; you check official blu-rays.

And all the crap you do in high school goes onto your permanent Blu-Ray.

Race shouldn't be relevant to religion, but you've never seen a white man wearing a turban, amirite?


Its a terrible moment when you're getting your hair cut and the lady cuts your ear off, amirite?

Ugh, that's happened to me like five times! ):

They lied to us guys. Peach was never in any real danger. Mario and Bowser are buddies. I saw all of them hanging out and go-karting. amirite?

I've seen them partying together, too! Nine times!

You don't say usernames out loud very often, amirite?
@Sewcdf I especially don't say my own username out loud very often. How do you even pronounce "_ _ _ _ _ _" ?

"So I was on amirite? the other day and underscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscore said the FUNNIEST thing..."

Human beings have free will

From their own perspective, everyone has free will. I can decide whether to eat vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream, it's up to what I want, but in a larger perspective, I'm going to pick one or the other. Nobody knows what it is I'm going to pick, and in the moment, I am making the choice, but there is one set way that things will turn out.

So yes. Also, no.

Numbers are like people, sometimes they are irrational. amirite?

And, if you go and find the patterns and organization and graphs and logarithms and exponents and cosines of them... You're overthinking it.

If age is just a number and marijuana's just a plant then jail's just a room, amirite?

And a tornado is just wind

SCARY BUT TRUE: statistics show that everyone who's ever used a cell phone will die, amirite?


Disney should make a hairless princess; So that little girls with cancer can feel beautiful, amirite?
You've had a teacher with an awesome last name, amirite?

Nosevitch, (some people called her Nosebitch secretly)
Blanc (pronounced like the word "blank")
Belcher (but she got married recently and changed her name): )
Payne (she taught Algebra 2... makes so much sense...)

Life is like a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans: you never know what you're going to get, you just have to hope that it's not poop or earwax flavored. amirite?
@AnnieNC True-I don't like them, but apparently Ron and Harry do, so I'm not sure what to think :/

uh oh... this is a dilemma...

It's really weird to watch Elizabeth Sladen on The Office after watching her on Doctor Who (or vice versa), especially since Nellie is pretty similar to the pre-Doctor version of Donna, amirite?
@Sarcasm_on_ice I think you accidentally the actress there.

Ah, damn, you're right. Catherine Tate. I don't actually know how I managed that one, I knew her actual name and everything. Weird.