Yoga looks like fun...until you try it and realize it feels just like working out, amirite?

I started doing a beginner program on my television and it was just relaxing, not a workout, so I moved to advanced. It started out being a hard workout, which I liked, but then the guy started doing a headstand and I was like, nope.

Evolving a schoolmate friendship into an out-of-school friendship is strangely challenging, amirite?

Yes! I have about two close friends who I hang out with outside of school without question. The other ones I have to hang out with in groups or it might be a bit awkward. Even this summer, I have friends, but I hardly see any of them because we really only hang out around school.

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
The death of Trayvon Martin is not an American tragedy, amirite?
You sometimes analyse or judge people based on the kind of books they read, amirite?

Every bitch in my middle school had a copy of The Clique in her hand.

The problem with society is not a lack of intelligence. The problem is that too many stupid people believe they are intelligent, and the masses raise no objection, amirite?

Or intelligent people who don't bother to use it.

It's hard to fathom finding music without the internet. amirite?

Yes, although lots of songs I know are just from listening to the radio.

Sometimes you wish your life had background music so you could understand what the hell is going on,

I was just talking about this with my sister, haha. If people in horror films could hear the creepy music, they wouldn't die quite as easily.

hardwork in classwork makes you a nerdy but hardwork in gym makes you a confident guy, amirite?
It's awkward when you mispronounce a word because you've only seen it written down, amirite?

Integral. I thought it was in-teg-ral for the longest time.

You'd drive 500 kilometers (300 miles) to see your boyfriend/girlfriend if you hadn't seen them in a long time, amirite?
There is no struggle quite like choosing a pronoun to refer to an androgynous person with a gender-neutral name, amirite?
Schools tend to put too much emphasis on subjects that really won't have any effect on your life unless you choose a very specific career path (trigonometry, chemistry, etc) while neglecting those that are the most important to the average person (reading, writing, etc)
@WinniethePooh But how much and what content do you learn in that class? In my own school, we learn about the difference between...

I almost wish my English class didn't make me write college essays or interpret literature, but it is probably for the best.

I don't understand the social concept of your "Sweet 16" or your "Golden Birthday" it's not any different, just another year.
I don't understand the social concept of your "Sweet 16" or your "Golden Birthday" it's not any different, just another year.
@Orangies The way it's portrayed on TV is just a bunch of rich idiots trying to be cool and showing off their party. All...

My apologies. I wasn't complaining about the party I had, I enjoyed it a lot. I was just stating how despite how it is played up, turning sixteen is about the same as any other birthday.