That geeky kid you never thought much about could actually be the next big star, amirite?

This is really irrelevant, but young Eminem reminds me a lot of Frodo Baggins.

Even though you should be focusing on their music more than their personality, you can't help but feel disappointed when you watch your favorite musician/band in an interview and they seem arrogant or unfriendly, amirite?
  • If anyone's wondering, I thought of this after watching an interview with The Black Keys. They're my favorite band and seem like cool guys and they joke a lot amongst each other, but they were so rude to the interviewer and I just thought it was unnecessary.
Everyone should have a friend like Sam
Although it doesn't mean they don't appreciate it, it's hard to take someone who says "music is my life," seriously when they don't even play an instrument. Amirite?
@Neighbor There's nothing to correct. Football is your life because your job and other hobbies are so closely related to it...

That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's these faux deep girls in my grade who get their parents to buy them expensive guitars that they don't touch or know how to play, just to impress people. I'm not even joking, that's what this one little group of wannabe Tumblr/hipster girls did. I found it pretty sickening as I worked for months waitressing to afford my guitar.

It shows talent when an actor can handle both serious and humorous roles, amirite?

Mila Kunis!

When a song you once hated grows on you, you sometimes lie to yourself telling yourself you sill hate it even though you're fully enjoying it as you listen. You feel like liking it wouldn't be true to yourself, amirite?

Live While We're Young. I can't stand One Direction, but it's irritatingly catchy.

The White Stripes are better than The Black Keys, amirite?
@B3CKVH I wanted looove- I neeeeeded love- mooost of all- oh mooooost of all..

Someone saaaid true loove was dead & bound to fall, bound to fall.. For you.. Durr nur dur nur nur nur nur.

For once it seems like the Grammy board actually did a good job of nominating deserving artists. Amirite?
@Ummm....are you kidding? Which grammys are you talking about? I was watching the nomination concert... and it was a...

In terms of the major categories, it's a vast improvement. Like Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys and Jack White being nominated for best album, instead of just being stuck back in the "Alternative" category as per usual.

Knighthoods should be reserved for members of the Armed Forces, police officers, paramedics etc, not Hollywood actors and pop stars, amirite?

Unless you're Paul McCartney.

TLC shouldn't stand for The Learning Channel. They Should rename it WAPC, for Weird Ass People Channel, amirite?

Wahh. I thought it was True Life Chapters?