There aren't as many freak shows as there used to be, amirite?

Are you sure about that? I mean just spend 10 seconds in the shithole town that i'm in and you'll immediately think otherwise.

Fish who see humans in scuba gear probably think that's what we look like all the time, amirite?

Sorry to burst your bubble but fish don't think anything at all.

Don't judge a person until you have driven a mile with their family in the backseat🙄 amirite?

The meme format I encounter on the image is severely Outdated and judging by the parameters of the situation I perceive this as universally unacceptable. And for that I demand an apology.

Eating chicken is the closest we'll ever come to knowing how dinosaurs tasted. amirite?

I notice your implication of domesticated fowls being a relative of the Dinosauria family however I must specify that the only interconnection within the two species are that they belong to the phylum of cordata as opposed to their respective families as Chickens are an affiliate of the Avian classification, Which Dinosaurs incontestably aren't, and belong to the family of Phasianidae so I can assuredly conclude that your statement of Chickens being biologically identical to Dinosaurs is BULLLLLLL-SHIT

The first person to drink milk from a cow was kind of a pervert, amirite?


Well based on my observation on the inadequate volume of activity on the digital community of, I can assuredly ratiocinate that opinion sites are, in fact, Deceased.

My mug is so mean that it makes you wonder who the f*** I am, amirite?
@Toounknown Your the accumulation of life experience...its amazing you dont look like a pile of shit

Well at least I don't look like someone who never achieves Equillibrium like you. It certainly appears to me that you are intellectually retarded and can't complete simple tasks but it also seems like got yourself a break since I will forgive you if you revert to the agreed upon terms of our deal and apologize to me

Equillibrium is achieved by applying Equalization of an extra dosage of Equillibrium, amirite?
@unknowncondition what happens after equilibrium

The next order of business is to set the Brake to start the Healing. The catalyzing event to facilitate that is the eradication of the Hilltop. It will be a Monument of compliance!

Potatoes get a bad rap by being associated with laziness and ineptitude, but they're basically the same as all other vegetables in those regards, amirite?

Based of my observation of the domestic vegetable it attains an unprepossessing appearance so it is sufficiently acceptable to associate it with intermittent laziness.

Name one cute (but deadly) animal. Seems as though the really deadly ones are ugly or scary.

Killer Whales

Yeahhh but with that thing with the Amazon rainforest burning down, I would immensely doubt that anything has really improved with our environmental situation and it occurs to me that we have reached an Apocalyptic time period in which all of us and the earth we live in is being completely eradicated in this current occasion.

Your avatar says something about you. amirite?

Mine displays my prestigious intelligence and emphasizes that I am excellent in achieving Equillibrium

Ages 25-34 are the Prime years of your life, amirite?
"The Office" never made a Thanksgiving episode, amirite?

By my calculations what you are proclaiming is not an opinion but it is instead a factual statement that already covers restitution but you are still inquiring for answers which is not only an irrefutable error but it critically violates the established customs of this website. And for that I demand an apology.

These guys are legendary Heroes, amirite?
@Thinkerbell They would have had a much easier time with the lion if they had used hunting rifles.

Warriors move out through the crust, Closing for the kill in a brutal response. Spear the sword and quicken the dead, Lives will be lost AND BLOOD WILL BE SHED!