Samsung phones actually have some of the best specifications on the market. It was just a good decision to match the hardware with good software, which is also usually customized my Samsung.

Whenever you wear any white article of clothing, you spill something on it, amirite?

I go to a military school and my uniform is completely white. That makes meals really hard.

Stem-cell research needs to be stopped in due course. The world's getting overcrowded. People will just have to die, amirite?
@Garren_the_Dragon Fertility-suppressing implants that are only diabled when you are both of age and pass an IQ test. It would both...

That is a terrible idea. How would you like someone to take away your right to have children? And just because you pass an IQ test, it doesn't make you a good parent, and to be a good parent there is no threshold for a minimum IQ. IQ and parenting are totally mutually exclusive.

You would rather keep a cow alive and have milk for years than kill the cow and have meat for a week amirite?
@Kasanova Male cows don't have tits

They are called bulls. Or steers if they have no nuts.

Hooking up in the bathroom of a airplane isn't as sexy as it seems, amirite?
@Sneed People do this?

Have you ever heard of the mile high club?

Harry Potter just wouldn't be as magical if the story took place in the United States, amirite?
@MartellusBoss Since when? Just because it isn't explicitally mentioned in the book doesn't mean we don't.

Its actually explicitly mentioned in the fourth book that we do in fact have witches and wizards. At the World Cup, some American witches are gossiping or something like that.

The next time you're terribly cold because you just got out of a shower, you should think of the millions of holocaust victims who would have loved to and suck it up, amirite?
So like donald duk dos'nt were pants and dafy duk du'snt and like their both dnt and thats kool, amirite?
@This was posted BTM: Before Time Macne.

They used the time macne to go back in time and make this post.

It would be funny to hear animals do impressions of humans, amirite?
It would be funny to hear animals do impressions of humans, amirite?
Tim Burton should redo star wars, but they should not dispose of the old one. amirite?

What's the point in redoing a perfectly good series?

Every little girl should be told she's pretty even if she's not. amirite?

True, but most little boys get offended if you say that they're cute or pretty.

There is nothing wrong with having small boobs, amirite?
@OFWGKTA they say men will find breasts attractive no matter how big....

There comes a point where they can be too large to be attractive. So as a man, I will have to say that that is not true.

guys: if shaving your leg/arm hair was socially acceptable, you would've done it a while ago, amirite?

I do it during football season so it doesn't get pulled out.

You're on your iPod touch or iPhone, amirite?

Nope, I don't buy stuff from Apple. Their stuff costs twice as much as it's worth.