If a robber ever breaks into your house, just pretend to be one too, and you guys will have a good laugh and hug and he'll leave, because you had first dibs. amirite?
@stepdom That is right I am robbing the place in my pajamas

I even put pictures of myself around the house to throw them off

If you've ever used walkie talkies: It was always cool to listen in on someone else's conversation on a different channel, amirite?
@DeezNuts Cool story bro.

I know. I tell it at parties.

It would be weird and interesting to set up a secluded environment where people are never taught about sex, and just see how they react to their instincts, amirite?

"For some reason, I have the urge to put this inside of you."

That's like saying "Pastries aren't unhealthy cause they're PasTREES!"

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and vulnerable, if you want to toughen up- grow a vagina, those things can take a pounding, amirite?

Oh, now I get why people always called me a "pussy" while growing up. They think I'm tough!

The violin makes one of the prettiest sounds in the world, amirite?

Well, not exactly. A fifth grade orchestra has dozens of violins, yet not one of them makes any sound you might call "pretty".

It seems like every word is offensive nowadays. You can say the word "bookshelf" and someone will be offended, amirite?
@ThatOneNut Shut the fuck up

how dare you say shut the fuck up? that's offensive to the people who don't have a fuck to shut!

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Star treck was about the future, but you never hear them say "Google it!", amirite?
The Royal Wedding, live on YouTube.
The Royal Honeymoon, live on RedTube, amirite?

Screw those redcoats! literally hello smilie

@I love his song's

His song's what? ... THE SUSPENCE.

The last letter of the alphabet should be pronounced "zee," not "zed," otherwise the alphabet song doesn't rhyme, amirite?

America wins again!

Sometimes you question if pretty girls really do poop or not, amirite?

Consider the following:

Everyone poops