About me.

I'm the goddamn heir of slytherin bitches. So don't fuck with me. Or I'll smite you.

Redvines-What the hell can't they do?

I may be 14 years old, but I am one bitchin' 14 year old.

The only blog I have the patience to read without falling asleep or going out and punching an elderly Asian woman in the face for no particular reason (RWJ FTW!) is Hyperbole and a Half. I love Allie's stories and most of all, her About Me page. So I shall model it, now.

If I had to describe myself in seven (better than 6) words, they would be fiery, maniac, dark, vintage, lasers, glitter, bitch.

The only differences are I actually got to my goal of 7 and I didn't draw you a unicorn. Sorry.

The only person who can stand to be my friend for more than a couple of years so far is ninjacow910. We've been friends for about 8 years, that's more than half of the life I've lived. She puts up with my retarded dance moves and doesn't care when she falls and I'm laughing too hard to try to help her up.

Also if you're a hater, then hate. Because I don't fuck around and I won't care. And make sure you spell everything right. Or you'll look even more retarded than you already are.

Also, I don't actually live in Romania.

I'm a Christian. Get the fuck over it.

I'm going to hell.