Wheelie backpacks were so cool in elementary school. amirite?
Stupid people should get smarder, amirite?
So facebook is getting shutdown in march, didn't see that coming, amirite?
When you watch a sitcom with mainly black people as leads (i.e. Family Matters, Everybody Hates Chris, The Cosby Show, The Proud Family) they protray white people, usually gingers, as bullies or nerds, amirite?
If Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, how the heck did Santa get in there, amirite?

Satan Claus.

It's always funny when you meet an atheist named Christian, amirite?

Or a Christian named Atheist.

Guys: you'd rather have your date eat a burger and fries than a half-order of caesar salad, amirite?
You wonder if Buzz and Woody ever met any of Andy's mom's toys, especially since they probably have the same names, amirite?

Andy went to college.

No one would recognize Hitler without his mustache, amirite?
You wonder why Obama hates black people. amirite?

i love Obama drinks only the raspberry lemonade kind though.

"Said the rapist" is a good replacement for "that's what she said", amirite?

me and 2 of my friends had a that's what she said war and we realized how wrong things sound like which sucked because the teacher stopped everyone mid way through and was saying some good stuff but we can't interupt her we would get wrote up and eventually my friend said to see how long he could go without saying ''that's what she said'' so we said stuff like ''what should we do now?'' ''let's do everything we can'' ''We should do only the things we want or someone is going to be suspicous of what we are dong''

accidental rhymes can really pass the times, amirite?

Accidental farts can pass as gas.

It's annoying when people cuss constantly, it's even more annoying when they do it and it's doesn't make sense, amirite?
You can't hug with nuclear arms, amirite?

pulls arm "Check Please"